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There are many side quests available for players to explore in Diablo 4. These side quests can help players earn +20 zone renown, as well as scaling amounts of gold and Diablo 4 Items For Sale. At the same time, side quests will change with the player's level, and players will have the opportunity to obtain rewards such as special caches of valuable crafting materials or gear rewards. Therefore, we highly recommend that players pick up and complete as many side quests as possible in a specific zone.

Notably, some of the side quests are not easy to find, so here's how to find and complete the Hungering Bone Cache quest.

Speaking of side quests, I have to mention Broken Mountain, a place worth exploring. There are a large number of side quests waiting for players to complete in the Lilith Altar, Dungeon, and Fortress here, and the Hungering Bone Cache quest is also completed there.

1. Find the Hungering Bone Cache

The first and hardest step of many side quests is finding them.

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Players need to reach the Pallid Glade located in the area of the Emote Statue. Unlike other side quests, players don't need to talk to anyone to complete it. Simply call the corpses you find for a chance at the Hungering Bone Cache quest item.

2. Harvest death anima from Werewolves

Once the Hungering Bone Cache is obtained, the player needs to slay Werewolves for Death Anima. It doesn't take a lot of werewolves to defeat, just kill a small number of them to fill up the meter, turning the Hungering Bone Cache into a Sated Bone Cache, and you complete the quest.

As a reward for the quest, you will receive +20 Fractured Peaks Renown and a large amount of D4 Gold and experience. Of course, because the rewards obtained from side quests will vary according to the level, how much gold rewards you get depends on the player's character level. Going explore the Broken Mountains now and complete side quests now!

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