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If you've already read my crafting guide part one, I hope you all had an effective scavenge for crafting materials. It’s time for you to start part a couple of our crafting guide. This time you are dealing with what to do with those materials and the way to craft something together. Specifically, this informative guide will concentrate on blacksmithing, woodworking, clothing, and jewelry crafting.

Head to the nearest crafting area in your area. You have your recyclables in hand and therefore are ready to begin. Let’s begin showing you the blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking station. Now, there's a neat trick with one of these three tables. Let me demonstrate something that can make your lives and learning experience far easier.

Take Blacksmithing Station As An Example

This may be the Blacksmithing Station. In due course, we'll go through all these categories and what each one of these does. Today’s focus, though, is on refinement, creation, deconstruction, and improvement. Everything I discuss regarding the blacksmithing station pertains to the woodworking station and also the clothing station. They are identical in every way, just in addition to the materials they will use and what you could craft.

So, remember that: apply the same teachings towards the other two stations.

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Let’s check out the refinement.

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This is to take the materials that you simply harvested and refine them into the material you are accustomed to crafting with. With crafting, you need 10 of the harvested raw material to be able to refine them into the actual craftable material.

So, take your ore, hide, cloth, or wood and refine 10 of these materials into their refined form. This is what we are accustomed to crafting with.


Now, you've your materials, you can move to creation. Creations have four different sliders that you simply need to take a look at. You have type, material, style, and trait. We will save traits for an additional guide because it isn’t essential for this stage.

Now, type is to choose the kind of item you need to craft, may it be a particular weapon or bit of armor, a staff, or possibly some medium armor. This may be the slider in which you choose just that.

Material is to choose the material you’re likely to craft that specific item with. Now, remember part one, I mentioned the material you’re harvesting on the planet changes based on your level and preparation level. As you can see, this is to choose that leveled material.

Style is a fun one. It doesn’t genuinely have any effect on the item’s damage or armor rating, but instead may be the design of the product. This links to motifs. But for this informative guide, you'll use your current racial style. However, you’ll require a style of material. They can be purchased in any crafting NPC hanging around by using your ESO Gold. Just buy the style material that links to your race.

To clarify, you've refined your raw material into the material you have to craft. You have chosen that material and also the item you need to craft. You have also added a little bit of flair by deciding on the style you need to craft it in. And you've crafted your very first bit of armor or weaponry. It’s that easy.

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