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Being a great shield provider, Zhongli is a superb addition to a lot of decks that prioritize a defensive playstyle.

Genshin Impact's version 3.7 update brought several new inclusions to the game. These include a brand new Inazuma Dendro character named Kirara, exciting new quests, fun events, and much more. However, the main focus of the update continues to be on revamping the Genius Invokation TCG. Numerous new cards happen to be introduced, planning to shake up the process card game's meta and supply players with fresh options to showcase their wits and creativity in building optimal decks using their favorite characters.

Arguably probably the most important areas of the TCG may be the addition of recent playable character cards to the sport. This includes all of the existing Archons, including Zhongli. It can be asserted similar to his role within the actual Genshin Impact gameplay, Zhongli concentrates on creating strong shields whilst fulfilling a support DPS role. This is permitted by his Stone Steele summon and powerful Elemental Burst. As a result, players seeking a defensive deck with substantial DPS potential can greatly take advantage of adding Zhongli to their deck.

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Zhongli Card & Skills

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While an archon, Zhongli's Character card and Talent card aren't particularly hard to obtain given that they can be acquired in the same manner as many other character cards. To obtain Zhongli's cards, players must visit the Cat's Tail and employ a Match Invitation Letter to invite Zhongli to duel. By winning the duel and completing the objectives, players can acquire their cards. There is no specific duelist-level requirement to unlock them, allowing even beginners within the TCG to acquire Zhongli in the early stages.

Zhongli's Talent Card: Dominance of Earth

Zhongli's Talent Card concentrates on his extended Elemental Skill which costs 5 Geo Dice and enables additional damage potential. As long as the smoothness is protected with a shield, that will often be the situation with Zhongli teams, the Stone Stele summon will deal extra damage each turn, allowing the ball player to chip away much more HP in the opponent. It is important to observe that this shield doesn't have to be specifically a Jade Shield as well as created by Zhongli. Considering that players are recommended to pay attention to utilizing this version from the Elemental Skill for any more defensive playstyle, adding Zhongli's Talent Card to the deck is extremely recommended.

Best Zhongli Decks

Being a supporting character, Zhongli would work for every team composition where players are planning to utilize a defensive character. As such, as they can be an excellent addition to mono Geo teams, they can also be an excellent support within an elemental reaction team. Zhongli decks work nicely in both stall decks yet others prioritize big Burst damage, among other available choices.

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