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Crafting is a key component of ESO. It is very important in every way imaginable. To some new players, it's also unknown territory, and that’s where I am available.

I have formulated a five-part series in which I go into detail about crafting. Each part is going to be on different things, but I’ve type of done it in relative order. Part one is in which you would usually begin your crafting journey and part five is the finish. So, reading them would be most appropriate. Only in this manner can you better understand crafting, after which use crafting to earn more ESO Gold.

Let’s begin with part one. This part will probably be about each of the seven individual crafts after which how to gather materials for every one.

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7 Individual Crafts

Crafting is split into 7 different crafts that everyone will help in different ways. Now it is simple to level all crafts simultaneously and become an expert in them all. So, don’t think you need to focus only on which suits your character. You can effortlessly be an expert at all. So, let’s undergo each of them.


This enables you to craft heavy armor as well as metal weaponry, like swords, maces, axes, and daggers, and also the two-handed variants of these as well.

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Clothing allows the roll-out of light and medium armor, which is perfect for people who like to do some damage, whether Magicka or Stamina.


This craft can help with the roll-out of all four magical staffs, shields as well as bows. You don’t be concerned about creating arrows for all those bows.


The magic of enchanting enables you to create powerful glyphs to put upon armor or weaponry to include some extra potency, whether that be some fire in your sword or perhaps additional Magicka for the armor.


You are creating potions and poisons to make use of in combat that may give you the edge over your attacker.


Fighting on the full belly is preferred. Provisioning will help you to create drinks and food that will give your character a lift to their resources or recovery.

Jewelry Crafting

The last is jewelry crafting. Now, this craft does require Summer Set Chapter, and it enables you to create your jewelry, necklaces, and rings.

How To Gather Up Materials For Them?

So, you’re prepared to begin crafting. You’ll have to gather up some materials first. Each craft utilizes a different material plus they can be found in different locations around Tamriel.

Now to notice: while you level up your character and even your crafting skill lines, the materials required will change to meet your level. So, don’t concern yourself with this. The material does the same thing and is available in the same locations. It’s only a higher-level material.

For example, while you’re below level 16, you’ll find a good amount of Iron Ore within the world. Then, while you progress past that much cla, you’ll then begin to see High Iron Ore instead, which produces Steel.

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