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Joanna's speed is the fastest in the crowd, which has been proved in the usual practice. Although speed is not the only factor to decide the victory or defeat, it is really very important, and the speed of the other side is even a little faster than Joanna's. The attack is even more bizarre, after a lot of big scenes of the Big Dipper is not that year's Leng Tou Qing, at this time they are very clear what they should do. Six fighters quickly occupied their own position, faintly locked the opponent, with Joanna's speed as the limit of containment, others as a barrier, the Big Dipper seven kill array. Not everyone in the world can compare with Blade. Only this moment of fighting, they have seen the opponent's fierce, also dare not be careless, if to this point still do not know the depth, it is foolish. Not many people knew about the new Tianshu, but the fighting strength of the two men was obvious, and the attack speed was getting faster and faster. But as far as the current situation is concerned, it is almost impossible for this mysterious fighter plane to get rid of the Big Dipper and leave here. Sweat. Georga, does the new Nexus look strong? Nello sat on the ground and said, a little incredulously looking at the battle mecha on the screen. But now the situation is not good ah, this mecha do not know where to drill out, combat skills are really unusual! Joga looked at the red fighter without saying a word,304 stainless steel wire, not knowing what he was thinking. Joanna is very calm. The failure of Joga will become history in her hands. From childhood to adulthood, Joga is her idol. Her goal, so she did not become a lady, but a warrior, watching Joga's every defeat, every fall, prompted Joanna to work hard, and she has a talent beyond Joga,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, although she is a woman! Now is the time to prove to Joga that everyone knows that Joga is not the only one in the Joga family. And Joanna, and she will restore the family's prestige! After this moment of confrontation, she has understood some of the other side's attack trajectory, any new way of attack has its own routine, as long as the foundation is solid enough, familiar with the other side's path will never be unexpected. The real battle begins! When. The laser sword crashed into the other side's machete, and the Tianshu suddenly sent the laser sword around. It's like using some secret technique. He took the fighter plane of the other side out all of a sudden. Although it was just an ordinary sword, it instantly attracted the attention of many interested people in the audience! There is definitely something wrong with this! The mysterious fighter plane obviously felt a little surprised. A beautiful arc, attack again, in flight, the fighter plane is doing unpredictable speed change movement, machete across a brilliant light, is the skill of the mysterious fighter plane. And this is Joanna's laser sword shot, a horizontal area, the mysterious fighter plane was thrown out again, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,brushed stainless steel sheet, the machete seemed to be sucked by something to shift the direction, there is a sense of awkwardness with the wrong force. Joanna looked at the mysterious fighter plane coldly, brother, do you see, I have practiced, I will inherit your last wish, I will use the head of the blade warrior to hold a memorial ceremony for you! The laser sword crossed a strange wave track in the air, as if the Tianshu was showing something. The Ivents immediately burst into cheers, mother, has been pressed to fight, can not breathe, it seems that the army is still trustworthy, this new Tianshu is very powerful! That swordsmanship is even more magical, is it the latest version of the laser sword with special functions? Apparently not! Never heard of such a laser sword! And it is indeed an ordinary laser sword in the hands of the Tianshu. Fierce arrow, have you seen it? It seems that Joga's sister is not to be underestimated! "Well, she used some strange swordsmanship, which seemed to have a vague impression, but she couldn't remember it at the moment." "Her attack routine is a little different from Joga's vigorous and fierce, and this time it's a good look." "Oh, we have another opponent." From the standpoint of the Mars Alliance, Fiery Arrow and Hugo would rather hope that this mysterious fighter plane will show its power and kill the Big Dipper. These super soldiers are a great threat to them, especially when they have fought with Blade Warriors several times and survived. These are unimaginable experiences. You know, not everyone has such opportunities. The mysterious fighter plane obviously did not believe in evil, suddenly pulled away, and the fighter plane suddenly burst into orange light. Like a red Aurora, the whole fighter plane rushed to the Tianshu, and this time the speed was twice as fast as before, apparently a series of mistakes angered the mysterious fighter plane. The Tianshu was still standing quietly in the air, with its laser sword stretched out and its left hand on its chest. It's like a pose. And at this time the mysterious fighter also shot, this speed is so far can see the fastest speed of the mobile suit, the three major alliance fighters in pure performance can not be compared to this. Touch. Is to let people lose their eyes on the speed of action, the mysterious fighter plane rolled in the oblique thorn flew out, and the Tianshu was just a pause, and was ejected to go?? Everyone was surprised, and no one expected such a result before the battle. Even the Ivents were curious about who the man who had inherited the Joga fighter was! The Apex was also a pride for the Events, but this pride had been destroyed by the Blade Warrior, so completely that the Events did not even want to mention the Apex. But the performance of the new Tianshu is really shocking. More than just ordinary people were shocked, and the fierce arrow and others did not see clearly what was going on with the sword! "Wow, you scared me.". Georga, this pilot is fiercer than you. He's so fierce! Nello suddenly jumped up, just that attack for another person may not be able to escape, even for the super soldier, just that speed impact is also dangerous, maybe it is internecine, and the new Tianshu actually easily defused. All this comes from the magic of swordsmanship. Joga remained silent, staring at the blood-red fighter plane on the screen in a trance. Most of the time, he forgot that after being defeated by the Blade Warrior,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, he had not been home for a long time, nor had he visited his sister for a long time. Unexpectedly, she had practiced the swordsmanship that he had never practiced. sxthsteel.com

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