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With just a few weeks left before the launch of Diablo 4, many fans from the franchise are going to be pleased to learn that changes are visiting the Treasure Goblins before the game is released. After the recent Diablo 4 Server Slam, what is the news will come as some respite for those who experienced challenges with the creatures.

Through time, the Diablo franchise has kept a good following of fans, which has made the anticipation for the release of Diablo 4 very good. Although there are lots of fans still excited for what's next within the Diablo franchise, a beta event in March caused concern and uproar from some players who have been plagued with server issues as well as an overall experience that was difficult to enjoy. However, following the Server Slam event for Diablo 4 last week, it appeared that many of the issues were thankfully resolved and reception was a lot more positive, however, many players still experienced several bumps in the road that left them concerned about that state from the game at launch. Thankfully, an update from the Diablo 4 developer brings some good news.

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One player who participated in the Server Slam voiced their concerns in a tweet to Diablo's SVP and General Manager Rod Fergusson concerning the state of the Treasure Goblins, the creatures players can kill for loot. The player claimed that despite killing over 20 Treasure Goblins, there is never any legendary loot dropped, and just two cosmetics. Other frustrated players who experienced this issue are going to be pleased to realize that the issue continues to be fixed for Diablo 4's launch, based on Fergusson.

Replying to the concerned player via Twitter, Fergusson stated the developers for Diablo 4 are very well aware of the Treasure Goblin issue and also have already made the required fixes for the problem. With there now just a few weeks before the game's launch on June 6, it seems the team behind Diablo 4 is rushing to ensure everything goes based on the plan for that release.

After an effective Server Slam for Diablo 4, it appears the developers behind the sport have been working overtime to create sure the game's launch doesn't repeat the same mistakes because of the March beta. When it comes to beta events, player feedback could be instrumental in fixing a game's problems, therefore it is nice to see the developers seem to be using this feedback to create Diablo 4 as great as you possibly can.

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