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World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s Zaralak Cavern, located underneath the Dragon Isles, hosts many new quests, rare enemies, and world encounters for players to find out. While exploring, players could also come across treasure chests, some locked, which contain helpful items.

One such treasure may be the Ancient Zaqali Chest, found in the Zaqali Caldera sub-zone of Zaralek Cavern. The chest is initially locked as well as a special item called Bottled Magma to melt the lock and open it. Read on for detailed instructions regarding how to obtain Bottled Magma to unlock the Ancient Zaqali Chest and claim the treasures within.

Ancient Zaqali Chest Location

The Ancient Zaqali Chest in World of Warcraft is in the large cavernous building within the Zaqali Caldera at coordinates (36.6, 48.7). It can be easily spotted around the minimap when nearby, marked having a gray treasure chest icon. The chest can be found at the back right from the cave, just past several Zaqali tribe Dujardin.

These enemies will engage the ball player, even when they sneak by with stealth or invisibility, the moment they connect to the chest. Therefore, it's recommended that the ball player defeat these enemies before trying to open the chest area. However, even before the ball player can open the Ancient Zaqali Chest, they'll need to collect Bottled Magma.

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Bottled Magma Location

Bottled Magma is found in a small vial. It spawns in multiple locations through the Zaqali Caldera, and multiple bottles can spon at the same time. It is relatively simple to see regardless of the overwhelming orange tint from the zone because it will sparkle like other interactable items. However, it may be challenging to safely loot Bottled Magma. The area is dense with enemies, and the ball player can use their Dragonriding mount for any limited time before getting dismounted through the area's defenses.

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After obtaining a vial of Bottled Magma, right-click to connect to it. The bottle will despawn, and the ball player will gain the Bottled Magma buff. This buff can last for 5 minutes and can disappear upon death, so the ball player will want to be cautious on their way to the Ancient Zagali Chest.

Possible Bottled Magma Locations in Zaqali Caldera

Note that looting another Bottled Magma as the aforementioned buff is active won't extend the buff duration. If the ball player thinks they will not make it toward the Ancient Zaqali Chest before the buff expiration, they can right-click around the buff icon to get rid of it. They can then look for another Bottled Magma that's closer to the chest area location.

If the ball player is struggling to find a Bottled Magma, they can die and fly around the area in ghost form because the object remains visible. The player may then take note of their spawn location, locate their corpse revisit life, and go back to the Bottled Magma location they discovered. Bottled Magma despawns after it's looted, and can respawn after a period of your time.

Unlocking The Ancient Zaqali Chest

Once the Bottled Magma continues to be obtained and also the buff received, head to the Ancient Zaqali Chest at coordinates (36.6, 48.7). To unlock the chest area, simply approach the chest area and click the Extra Action Button. This will present an environmentally friendly, ground-targeting circle that must be aimed over the chest area. Once aimed, left-click make use of the Bottled Magma around the chest, which will melt the locks. Once unlocked, the ball player can right-click the chest area to open it and collect the bounty within.

The Ancient Zaqali Chest can have a variety of items available through other means in Zaralak Cavern, including a little amount of gold, Shadowflame Crest Fragments, Flightstones, potions and vials, green-quality gear, and Dragon Isles Supplies. Once the chest area has been looted, it'll despawn and can't be looted again.

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