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Genshin Impact officially reveals a brand new story teaser that provides more information concerning the origin of Baizhu's iconic snake, Changsheng.

Genshin Impact has officially revealed a brand new story teaser video that has the recently released Dendro user Baizhu which loyal companion named Changsheng. Baizhu happens to be featured around the Limited Character Banner which includes the five-star Cryo bow user Ganyu.

Baizhu continues to be one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact since his first appearance in Liyue's earliest quests. He was introduced as a doctor and also the owner of the famous Bubu Pharmacy found in the northern part of Liyue. One of the reasons behind Baizhu's popularity is always that for a long time, he was the only real Dendro user that came out in the sport.

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Genshin Impact's official YouTube channel has posted a relevant video named Story Teaser: Changsheng by which they've revealed more details about the new five-star character Baizhu and the snake Changsheng. According to the recording, hundreds, otherwise thousands of years ago, a Liyue doctor sought divine knowledge that will help him save all his patients, even those whose years have come to an end. This is where he met Changsheng who offered him a contract that will teach him the key art of healing that will allow him to prolong the life span of the most critically ill patients. However, as a swap, this secret art impacted the doctor's health insurance and upon his death, he transferred Changsheng and it is divine powers to his final patient.

Generation after generation followed these footsteps and also the contract got used in Baizhu. At the end of the recording, Baizhu stated he will be the final doctor to understand this divine art which can be hinting at a future Story quest. Despite being among the oldest characters in Genshin Impact, Baizhu continues to be a very mysterious individual.

Over the final couple of months, there have been a lot of fan-made theories regarding his origins and true intentions. One of the most popular theories claims that Baizhu might be related to the Eleven Fatui Harbingers named Pantalone who made his first appearance in the popular "A Winter Night's Lazzo" trailer.

The two characters share a similar design, using the color palette is the real difference. Pantalone's overall design is a lot darker while Baizhu includes a much brighter theme. When it comes to his power around the field, Baizhu is among the best supports in Genshin Impact because of his Elemental Burst, Holistic Revivification, which allows him to constantly produce a powerful shield.

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