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Let's face it, leaving the country is tougher than it seems to be. Although there is the promise of a "greener pasture", getting out of your comfort zone and practically throwing yourself to a land where you're barely known is quite a scary thought.

Filipinos are known all over the world for their warmth and that "never-say-die" spirit. Filipinos smile despite the adversities they face – no matter how life-threatening or serious the matter, Filipinos find a reason to smile, giving the world a dose of positivism. Armed with this thought, the Filipino braves a whole new world in another land.

"Homesick" is a word mostly heard from overseas Filipino workers (OFW). There's no rice, palabok, bagoong, manggang hilaw and isaw in the land of pasta, pizza and burgers; they miss the Sunday family lunch after hearing Mass, the fiestas and the lazy afternoons spent hanging out with neighbors. And of course, they miss their families.

But a Filipino is not a Filipino without his local entertainment Teleserye. A night used to not be complete without watching his favorite hero on TV. Sunday afternoons are fueled by the latest showbiz tsismis. But he's far away from all that now.

Taking advantage of everything technology has to offer, Pinoy TV brings the Filipino abroad closer to home by giving him the easiest access to his favorite Tv shows: through the Internet. What makes my Pinoy Tv's service perfect is you're free to choose what shows or movies you like to see and pay only for just that – no other fees or lock-in periods. If you want to watch more, there's InfiniTV, which gives you unlimited access to all channels.

With a wide variety of channels to choose from, there's one for every Filipino in myPinoyTV. The Asianovela channel caters to those who are hooked to Asian dramas from Taiwan and Korea; teleserye fanatics have a place in the Pinoy Serye and Pinoy Variety channel, updated to match what you're looking for. Basketball in the Phillippines is like no other, so PinoyTV streams the latest PBA games live straight to your computer. Plus, get to watch previous games when you subscribe to the Pinoy Sports channel. Be updated with what's happening in the Philippines with news updated daily, and get to see award-winning news and public affairs programs at the Pinoy News channel.

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