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Elden Ring gives magic users an enormous arsenal of spells to make use of, each beneficial in different situations or fitting into different play styles. While the more basic spells possess the player launching Glintstone-based magic at their enemies from the distance, several spells are available that succeed in close-range situations to deal with enemies who can reach the caster. These melee spells can be a more dangerous selection for those who aren't ready for close-range combat; they can lead to some surprisingly powerful melee-sorcerer builds. Carian Piercer is just one of these melee spells, getting the player thrust a strong magical blade toward dealing a lot of damage to closer enemies.

Where To Find Carian Piercer

Carian Piercer is situated within the main courtyard of Carian Manor soon after entering. Walking with the main entrance, you will see two massive spider-hand enemies clinging to the pillars above; they'll see you as they approach and can most likely have to be taken out. There will also be smaller hand-spider wandering around the courtyard, so make sure to watch out for their smaller size to help keep any spider-like surprises at a safe distance.

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Head around the right side from the large pillar around the right, the bigger hand-spiders were seen, going around towards the other side from the pillar. On the other side of the pillar is a scarab, and killing it'll drop Carian Piercer. Once a scarab has noticed your presence, it'll run away. It will disappear after running far enough away, so kill it quickly; otherwise, go back to a site of grace to make it respawn and try again, hand-spiders too.

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How To Use Carian Piercer

Carian Piercer requires 27 intelligence to memorize, trying out one memory slot, and charges 17 FP to cast. This spell will possess the player thrust a sizable magical weapon forward, dealing pure magic harm to your target. This spell is a magical sword, letting it pass through enemies hitting anything within its hitbox. This spell can also be able to be charged up, creating a larger and much more powerful sword, hitting more enemies for additional damage and much more knockback.

This spell includes a decent quantity of range for any melee spell but could be difficult to time. Its charged cast works better but has a higher risk as enemies charge toward you. Once you can get the timing right, this weapon is a great melee option, because the additional knockback having a charged attack can produce a follow-up charged attack easier to land. This spell also exists as a close-range selection for mages who occasionally have enemies charge up for them for melee combat. Carian Piercer can also be beneficial in dealing more damage when cast in the Carian Flintstone Staff.

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