Polard Malan
by on August 2, 2022


The word multi-room audio video simply means having audio and video sources available through the home - a whole house audio and video system.

Taking the sources you normally have in your lounge, like DVD player, CD Player and Radio Tuner, and placing them in a central location enables these sources to be distributed round the home. There are numerous different manufacturers who have methods for having the audio and video signal to each room, in addition they permit you to control the origin as if you were in exactly the same room. Some systems distribute audio over Cat5e cabling audio visual dallas, some get it done wirelessly and some run speaker cable from the central location to each room. Our preferred method is to operate speaker cable for the straightforward reason it's more economical to set up one good multichannel amplifier in the central location than it's to set up a good amplifier in each room, also you have less equipment to accommodate in the room.


Once you've the audio feed in to the room afterward you need to control it - again different manufacturers have various ways with this - the cheaper systems will give you a pre-engraved keypad which allows you to move up and down channels and change the volume. On the other hand the higher priced systems permit you to choose a channel and see two way feedback - you will see such things as CD covers and pick your music intuitively and you have access fully selection of controls on Sky remote controls. Installing a music server makes plenty of sense when you are installing a whole house system, you don't wish to have to go to a remote cupboard when changing music and there is also the benefit of streaming multiple CD's - different people can pay attention to different things in various rooms. Exactly the same systems are available for DVD's, enabling anyone in the home to view a movie of these choice.

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