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If you’ve tried to run high-key Mythic+ dungeons in WoW Dragonflight, you’ve probably encountered the Explosive affix. Well, not any longer, as entering the MMORPG‘s next season World of Warcraft‘s most frustrating affix continues to be removed, while some have been shuffled to keys that better suit them.

Explosive, an affix released with Legion, basically summons huge explosions that detonate and, if you’re too near to them, wipe 50% of the health. While they have health bars and may be destroyed, they’re safe from any AoEs, meaning you need to pull off from the mobs or boss that you’re fighting to destroy them.

Sure, this adds another level of challenge for your keys, however, the issue I’ve always had with Explosive is the fact that it’s more of an annoyance than the usual skill test. It never really enhanced runs or made the gameplay more complicated, it simply sort of… existed and was irritating. Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

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Well, not any longer, as Blizzard has said it’s taking out the affix for WoW Dragonflight season 2. A blue forum post from developer ‘Stonekey,’ states “As we still watch everyone play Mythic+ around the PTR and consume your feedback, we desired to share additional changes for this week’s PTR. Our changes now aim to further decrease the impact of affixes on Mythic+ dungeon gameplay and match our tougher affixes to later keystone levels as players progress with the system.”

The most significant of these is the fact that “Explosive is going to be retired for Dragonflight Season 2 and replaced by Volcanic.” Whether or not this means the affix is finished entirely remains to appear but, for the time being, a minimum of Blizzard has listened and you won’t have to deal with it.

Other changes include periodic affixes (Incorporeal, Storming) being added at key seven rather than key 14, and affixes that trigger on death or health ranges (Spiteful, Sanguine) being swapped to key 14 rather than seven.

WoW Dragonflight affix changes

Below are all the affix changes that are currently in place around the WoW Dragonflight PTR, thanks to Blizzard. Keystone affixes

Periodic affixes are actually added to keystones at level 7 (was 14).






Affixes that trigger death or health ranges happen to be moved to level 14 (was 7).






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