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Epic Gems are arriving in Phase 3 in addition to huge money-making opportunities you don’t wish to miss out on. Every single gem slide must be replaced for both PVEs and PVPs.

But do you know already have a lot of different currencies you are able to use to purchase Epic Gems just by looking at your character? I’ll explain the best way to unlock all of your Epic Gems in addition to the three ways to obtain Epic Gems from worst to best.

1. Titanium Prospecting

Let’s reach number one, the best way to obtain epic gems, Titanium Prospecting.

If you’ve read my guides, you are able to tell I put my money where my mouth is. I’ve actually committed to over 8,000 Titanium Ore. So, to ascertain if my investment would actually repay me, I decided to complete a test operation on vanilla wrath. I obtained one thousand ore, which at current prices could be about 2,000 gold.

After doing my prospecting and checking the outcomes, I was pretty surprised by one thousand Titanium Ore. I was able to obtain 30 total Epic Gems. That means that three percent of my ores contained an Epic Gem. Assuming that costs are at least 100 gold per gem around the first day, that’s some pretty big profit.

On the surface of the Epic Gems, I also got 75 blue gems. Hopefully, those blue gems hold value, especially with transmutes. There were also a lot of common gems generated, so crafting and disenchanting ought to be profitable.

It’s extremely relevant to observe that I got 149 Titanium Powder for all these prospects. Since that powder is the greatest way to obtain Epic Gem recipes, it will have some very good value.

2. Emblems Of Heroism

Next up, at # 2, we now have Emblems of Heroism.

You’ll have the ability to purchase Emblems of Heroism primary color Epic Gems for 20 emblems each. Meanwhile, the mixed colors will in reality be cheaper at 10 emblems each. Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

WOTLK Classic Gold</p>

What’s really awesome about having the ability to buy gems for emblems is that you may technically pre-fawn them at this time. Though you may be thinking you are able to only get Emblems of Conquest in Emblems of Valor at this time, how do we get those heroism emblems?

You could actually downgrade your emblems in a one-to-one ratio in the Goblin NPC within the Dalaran Sewers. That means that the easiest method to farm emblems actually isn’t in dungeons but in raids. Especially when the Nerf 10 and 25-man Ulduars emerge, they’ll need to be so amazing for emblems.

There’s also speculation that there might be a new Titan Rune Mode update that will boost the interest in dungeons or if that doesn’t happen, they might always add Random Dungeon Finder which would really boost emblem generation.

3. PvP

Moving onto number three, we now have PVP.

PVP is really a really great method to make WOTLK Classic Gold and Epic Gems in Phase 3. Every gem in the PVP vendors is 10,000 Honor, which means you are able to snipe the costliest gems you would like. Since every gem is 10,000 Honor, you can theoretically currently have seven gems free-farmed.

I’d recommend doing Wintergrasp on all of your characters on Cooldown for your 20,000 Honor each hour. It’s also worth noting that you are able to pre-farm Wintergrasp Commendations for just two,000 extra Honors each, or if you want Arenas, you can also get Commendations of Bravery for just two,000 honors for 100 Arena Points each.

And loosely associated with PVP, I also desired to mention the Nightmare Tear. This is a completely new uniquely equipped 10-stats gem put into ToC. The recipe is unlocked similar to the other jewel crafting recipes, however, it requires a Dragon’s Eye and 5 Infinite Dust.

With the enormous 10 stats, I can definitely visit a lot of PvPers desired to run this gem.

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