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A recent leak from Genshin Impact suggests the Version 3.8 update later this year won't feature any new characters, unlike ongoing rumors. With the launch of Genshin Impact's Version 3.6 just a couple of weeks away, fans have previously seen lots of content from future updates revealed before their launch. New Inazuma character Kirara has seen several leaks together with her element and rarity being revealed well before her expected debut in Version 3.7. Version 3.8 has additionally been the subject of several leaks hinting at another new character from Inazuma.

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Previous updates from a lot of Genshin Impact's most trusted leakers have suggested a brand new Electro character is coming towards the game soon. Reveals have teased the brand new character as hailing from the sport's island region of Inazuma by having an expected release date of Version 3.8. Several hints about her appearance have surfaced in recent weeks, with a few even showing art depicting the smoothness. Now, however, a prominent number of Genshin Impact leakers are claiming some good info about the smoothness may be off-base.

A new update from leaker group Team China claims that Genshin Impact's Version 3.8 update won't welcome any new additions to the game's roster. The leak supposedly reveals the unnamed Electro character from Inazuma might not exist within the sport, though several others have confirmed the smoothness's existence. Well-known leaker Tao has asserted the information regarding the lack of a brand new character in 3.8 might be correct, suggesting the Electro character's tentative release might have been pushed back. Genshin Impact's Version 3.8 update is anticipated to launch in July.

The lack of a brand new character within Version 3.8 could be new territory for that massively popular RPG. Genshin Impact hasn't released a brand new update without a minimum of one character added, though several updates only have featured a lone four-star character introduced to the game. Leaks have previously confirmed a long-awaited re-run is placed to arrive in Version 3.8 with Eula likely to appear on the sport's limited banner. Version 3.8 can also be believed to be the ultimate update before the addition of Genshin Impact's next major region of Fontaine.

Genshin Impact has seen an array of future content revealed through the next few updates, apart from just upcoming character releases. A recent leak suggests a significant update to Genius Invokation is originating with Version 3.7, bringing the fan-favorite Archons towards the TCG mini-game. Genshin Impact can also be rumored to become adding a brand new limited region during Version 3.8, similar to the previously featured Golden Apple Archipelago. Fans will need to wait and find out what becomes of the unnamed Electro character's status within Genshin Impact.

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