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For those looking past the Algalon and Hard Mode grinds, some tips about what to expect from WotLK Phase 3, including its potential release date. Classic WotLK Phase 3 will introduce the Trial from the Crusader (considered a middle ground between dungeon and raid) & Onyxia's Lair raids, a global event: Argent Tournament in Icecrown, and all sorts of the other new contents.

Everyone will get ready for this new expansion. If you are struggling with farming gold, you can purchase some WOTLK Classic Gold to bolster your weapons. Today we'll share WotLK Phase 3 gold farming guide and hope that it's useful for you.

I'm saving up over 100,000 gold which is the most impressive healer weapon ever - Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, so between raids GDKP and Fishing, I'm maximizing my future income across my characters to obtain those fragments from making huge investments, the stockpile emblems to pumping PvP. Here are the ways I'm making 100,000 gold for my Val'anyr.

WOTLK Classic Gold

How to Profit from Epic Gems

In Phase 3, epic gems will ultimately be added to the sport. I expect these phones to be worth over 500 gold within the first few days as players rush to purchase their PvE and PvP gear. You'll get gems from prospecting Titanium Ore, Alchemy transmute, as well as 20 Emblems of Heroism, but you will also get them for 10,000 honor points each. That's one of the unusual ways.

I'm establishing to profit from epic gems. I've been power-farming Wintergrasp for honor and accommodations on four characters. That's 75k honor points for my four characters, also it means that you will find 30 epic gems in Trial from the Crusader (ToC), plus Wintergrasp combinations become 2,000 honor points each and may be stacked infinitely, so for each of five Wintergrasp combinations, you will get one epic gem. I started doing all of the weekly Wintergrasp Quests for added Stone Keeper's Shards and much more honor points. I've been making sure to obtain my five combination marks from arenas for that extra gem per character on St. Patrick's Day.

On the surface of piping, I'm also saving up my Emblem of Valor to downgrade to purchase epic stacks of gems by spamming heroic dailies. I'm even farming Emblems of Valor simply by doing a classic raid, so I'm looking to have enough Emblems for 40 gems on the first day. Even after all the preparations, if you still need help, is here as it offers cheap wotlk classic gold.

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