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1. Vanilla Dungeons

Most notable Uldaman, Zul'Farrak & Scarlet Monastery. A large amount of these Dungeons will give a steady 200-300 gold each hour mixed between raw gold, professions & auctionable materials, and the opportunity to drop items worth plenty of gold. For example, Uldaman can drop unusual items worth as much as 50,000 gold, which is quite insane alone, and when you spend 50 hours to obtain 1 of these, that's 1000 gold each hour by itself. Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and buying wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

WOTLK Classic Gold

On the surface of that, Uldaman has some Mithril Veins within it, providing you with some extra gold immediately, and in all these dungeons, additionally, you get a large amount of Wool Cloth, Silk Cloth & Mageweave Cloth, which is currently selling for any reasonable price helping bring in steady gold while looking for rare items.

2. Golden Pearl Farming

Golden Pearls happen to be insanely valuable throughout all Wrath Classic, as it is used in several enchants utilized by people leveling Alts, specifically Enchants usable for Heirlooms. Another reason why it has gone up in prices is supply vs. demand, and also the demand is very constant.

That being said, this really is farmed by vanilla mobs, and because we're level 80 now, that provides us some very steady & chill gold farming opportunities, but additionally you have to think that this farm is extremely RNG. You could make literally 10 gold each hour if you're very unlucky, however, you could also get 2-3 Golden Pearls in a single hour, providing you with about 600 gold each hour. And if you need to go out and farm Golden Pearls. Here are a few of my personal favorite locations.

3. Dire Maul Farming

The worth of Librams continues to be skyrocketing, as they are utilized in "the Insane" title & enchants for Alts. We're inside a weird amount of time in Wrath at this time where individuals have finished their initial rush to complete raiding & preparing, the ones are relying on alternative activities like alt-leveling and title hunting, which has caused massive price spikes for things like these Librams.

You may even incorporate this into Mining & Herbalism Farms inside Dire Maul to take advantage of 5 runs each hour cap. This is a farm where RNG starts playing a component because if you do not get any Librams, the gold each hour value may be somewhat depressing, but when you get lucky and obtain a Libram or two, that suddenly adds countless gold to that particular specific run.

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