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Back in 2022, in Blizzard's end-of-year update, the organization confirmed they would bring back BlizzCon in 2023. However, there has not yet been any new information, leaving fans hanging in the unknown. In response to MrGM's question concerning the matter, the president of Blizzard has now confirmed they'll share their plans soon.

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BlizzCon is an annual event organized by Blizzard Entertainment. It typically occurs right at the end of October or even the beginning of November. During said time, it draws thousands worldwide to commemorate the organization's games. Attendees can get news, panels, and announcements concerning the US firm's most widely used games. The occasion isn't limited to exactly that. It also provides a diverse selection of activities, including cosplay contests, esports tournaments, and hands-on demos of upcoming games. For Blizzard's fans, it is a must-attend to see all that the organization has to offer.

The mention of BlizzCon after 2022 certainly riled the WoW community. Especially when COVID-19 has prevented players from taking part in live events over 3 years. Thus, it is no surprise some are worried because of not enough information. However, they do not have to worry anymore, as Mike Ybarra himself has answered MrGM along with the whole player base's burning question. Players will quickly receive an update on the matter. It'll apt to be in April. He also apologized for that delay, though he didn't mention why.

WoW, developers typically share news about its main event in April. And it seems this time around won't be the best. Thus, gamers can finally begin looking forward to probably the most significant events within the gaming calendar.

While there isn't any official word yet on what may be announced, fans currently have some speculations in your mind. Many are looking to catch a glimpse of the following World of Warcraft expansion. While that, another medication is looking toward updates on Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4.

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