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WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7, the 2nd of six updates in World of Warcraft's 2023 release schedule is originating March 21st.

WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 - New Content & Changes In WOW Dragonflight

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A new max-level zone that includes new story quests, a brand new activity - the Zskera Vaults, two catch-up mechanics, a brand new faction - the Winterpelt Furlbog, more Dragonriding talents and customizations, a lot of class and talent changes, Human and Orc Heritage armor, Goblin-themed Recruit-a-Friend rewards, and much more.

New Zone

Zskera Vaults

New Catch Ups

New Faction

Dragon riding

Talents & Glyphs

Class Changes

New Talents

Human & Orc

Heritage Armor

New RaF Rewards

Everything arriving WOW Dragonflight patch 10.0.7

Whether you are looking for your next adventure or considering coming back - WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 has something for you.

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1. New Zone - The Forbidden Reach

Let's dive into everything coming using the update.

First things - the brand new zone. Return to the Forbidden Reach marks the first, a brand new zone introduced inside a WoW expansion. If you play a Dracthyr, it could seem familiar, but after Raszageth’s defeat the storms have cleared and new dangers and Primalist forces lurk.

Throughout this max-level area, you'll find new questlines, activities, challenges, rares, loot, and much more. To pick up the storyline after the events from the Vault from the Incarnates raid - Razsageth has fallen but at a heavy price.

The three other Primal Incarnates happen to be released, and also the Dracthyr are trying to find answers. That’s where your adventure begins. As you explore the Forbidden Reach, you’ll encounter primal forces and " new world " bosses. As you defeat these enemies and open chests, you'll receive vault keys. These will grant use of the Zskera Vaults which contain the dangers and treasures of Neltharion himself. Each week, you’ll have the ability to use these secrets of open vaults to tackle new challenges looking for rewards.

2. New Gearing Option - The Onyx Annulet

In your first run-through, you may spot an essential item on the floor - the Onyx Annulet. The Onyx Annulet ring could be upgraded to item level 424 and features three sockets to keep primordial stones. As you scour the vaults, you’ll find these stones which offer you assorted powerful bonuses - including absorb shields and dealing extra damage or healing. Some of the stones have effects that connect to other stones in exciting and fun ways - so collecting and tinkering with your stone combinations could yield some fantastic results. You can also swap these stones out and in as you please, in addition, to breaking them into fragments. These fragments could be used to change your stones to unleash their true potential or could be traded set for new stones - which makes it easy to look for the exact primordial stones you need to play with.

3. Catch UPS - Gear&Rep Options

Continuing the alt-friendly approach in Dragonflight, the Return to Forbidden Reach patch provides additional methods to help players meet up with their character and prepare their alts. All from the rares and also the Storm events within the forbidden reach can drop item level 385 tokens - ideal for quickly raising the product level of all of your characters. This gear may also be upgraded as much as item level 395, which provides you a fresh, green version from the primal storm transmog set. It's not just gear catch-ups though - if you’re seeking to max your Dragonflight reputation using the 4 major factions and unlock all those shiny renown track rewards - there's a brand new envoy system providing additional daily quests, in addition to an extra 10% bonus to reputation gains with specific factions.

4. New Faction-Winterpelt Fubolg

In the Azure Span, you'll be able to meet a brand new faction: the Winterpelt Furbolgs. To befriend the tribe, you'll embark on a brand new set of quests to understand their language and backstory. Fully earning their trust will give you the use of exciting rewards including a mount and Dragonriding cosmetics.

5. Dragonriding - New Glyphs& Talents

There will also be new Dragon Glyphs scattered around the Forbidden Reach zone just waiting to become collected - and 2 additional dragon riding talents to unlock. Aerial Halt provides you with the ability to quickly bring your dragon to some stop mid-air - ideal for making those very precarious landings - in addition to airborne recovery - which supports the recharge of your vigor while using the aerial halt.

6. Class changes - New Talents& Reworks

Every patch traditionally brings updates to class balance, but several big ones are arriving in 10.0.7 including a major rework for Retribution Paladins to improve mobility, survivability, and utility. It's not just Paladins, most class talent trees are going to be seeing a minimum of some updates to assist improve balance across all activities. The Monk class is going to be expanded to now include Worgen, Goblins, and Lightforged Draenei.

7. Heritage Armor- Humans&Orcs

The two most iconic races in Warcraft's history are becoming their heritage armor sets - the humans and also the orcs! Completing these unique story questlines will unlock a base set, and extra achievements will give you multiple variations - including different colors and styles. Not only that, humans and orcs will also be getting new hair colors, so make sure to pop because of your local barbershop to check them out.

8. Recruit a friend- All New Rewards

Finally, Recruit-a-friend is returning in 10.0.7 with all-new Goblin-themed rewards that could be earned two times as fast. These include new pets, cosmetics, and also the Goblin Rocker Shredder 9001.

Holiday events

Skinning animation

UI improvements

Pet Battle Updates

Transmog Options

Mounts& More!

There are a handful of under-the-radar updates, too -- including updates to holiday events, skinning animation, UI improvements, pet battle updates, transmog options, mounts, and much more.

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