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Everything you should know to nab the Azure Wind Island Token in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has island tokens that may be found only on specific islands. To obtain the Azure Island token, you will find multiple steps you have to complete. Fortunately, if you are using this guide, these extra steps you have to take ought to be a breeze, though time-consuming.

In total, you will find 91 islands within this MMORPG and you'll discover these collectibles. However, the technique by which you'll retrieve these tokens is going to be dependent on the area you are in. Luckily, most of the area tokens don't take long to locate; however, many may take more than others using the extra quests you will need to complete to unlock the token.

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Azure Island Token Rewards

The island token rewards appear to unlock in increments for every 5 tokens you discover. There are a total of 19 rewards you'll be able to unlock with one of these tokens. You will need to visit Lonely Island to talk with Grandpa Opher to switch the tokens for rewards.

Greater Stat Increase Potion - 5 Island Tokens

Emote: Threaten - 10 Island Tokens

Uncommon Wooden Compass - 15 Island Tokens

Greater Skill Point Potion - 20 Island Tokens

Mount: Golden Moss Turtle - 25 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #3 - 30 Island Tokens

Emote: Wave Dance - 35 Island Tokens

Luminous Aquamarine (compass upgrade) - 40 Island Tokens

Gienah's Protection (increases rapport) - 45 Island Tokens

Protections (skill rune) - 50 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #22 - 55 Island Tokens

Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell) - 60 Island Tokens

Oceanic Aquamarine - 65 Island Tokens

Structure: Statue from the Goddess Harmony - 70 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #38 - 75 Island Tokens

Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle - 80 Island Tokens

Secret Map (Adventure: Ice Statue of Woman) - 85 Island Tokens

Tidal Aquamarine - 90 Island Tokens

Procyon Statue - 95 Island Tokens

Step One: A Dying Horse Quest

When you initially arrive in the area, you'll want to obtain a horse. This will make making your way around a lot easier for the quests you have to complete before the token; however, it is not required. At the bottom of the map, speak with Sanar and accept the quest called "A Dying Horse." You must ask the nomad tending the fireplace, ask the middle-aged nomad, then ask the young nomad.

Everything and everyone required to complete this quest is in the same vicinity of Sanar. Once you complete the quest, you'll receive 2 Splendid Destruction Stone Chests, 3 Splendid Guardian Stone Chests, 960 Silver, and 35 Roster XP. You will also get a horse as payment.

Step Two: Meadow Fairy Quest

The initial step in finding the token is completing the Meadow Fairy Quest. The fairy, Arone, has asked you to check suspicious-looking dolls as she's missing flowers. To do this, you'll travel toward the middle of the Azure Wind Island Map and discover the fairy by having an exclamation point above her. Once you accept the quest, you have to go look into the first horse doll that Arone found. Checking the map, the flowers ought to be just northern individuals.

You will talk using the Meadowkeeper close to the meadow flowers and believe that quest too. After you speak using the Meadowkeeper, head back towards the fairy and click on complete around the quest. You will receive 3 Splendid Guardian Stone Chests, 2 Splendid Destruction Stone Chests, some silver, plus some XP.

Step Three: Find Toy Horses

There are going to be 31 toy horses you have to find to carry on your adventure toward getting this island's token. The toy horses are scattered all through Azure Wind Island. While you will find a total of 31 horses, 27 are going to be for part 1 as well as part 2, you have to find the other 4. You already found one near Arone. These are necessary to unlock the area's token.

As you can observe from the map, the figurines are dispersed everywhere in the area. These horse figurines will help you discover the missing flowers for Arone. Each horse provides you with a different task to accomplish from puzzles to timed quests. Once they are completed, you can return to Arone as she'll have her stolen flowers back in the Meadowkeepers.

Step Four: Buried In Flowers

Once all of the flowers are returned to Arone, you'll receive the Buried In Flowers quest. This is the quest you have been waiting for to locate the Azure Wind Island token. After Arone does her thing of twirling around with little glowing flower particles swirling within the breeze, she'll thank you again, and you can complete the quest.

When you complete this quest, you won't just get the Azure Wind Island Soul, but you'll also get 2400 Silver, 85 Roster XP, and 3 Lavish Life Chests.

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