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Are you having problems getting your hands around the Island Token in Lost Ark's Gesbroy Island? This guide might help.

If you're having problems getting the Gesbroy Island Token in Lost Ark, you've arrived at the right place. It may take a little while to accomplish, however, it'll all be worthwhile in the end as you will be one token nearer to your desired reward.

On this island, there's plenty to complete and gain. But, this informative guide should assist you to through the co-op event around the island leading to you finally acquiring the island soul. The only question you will have left to reply to is which token reward you'll purchase.

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Gesbroy Island

You can locate Gesbroy Island around the map east of Yorn at the end left of the map. This island is available with the big event happening every hour, twenty minutes past the hour. You can check the alarm clock around the top left of the screen to determine when you should start going to this island. There will be three different events every hour that can be done multiple times.

While this might sound simple and easy, it will take a total of 20 days to accomplish this island and get the island token as possible only turn in everything once daily. While you're waiting, you may also partake in finding all 9 from the Mokoko Seeds hidden throughout this island. There is also a purple hidden quest, however, you'll want the Amazing Buff in your character.

Gesbroy Island Token

You can get the island soul after you have reached the max reputation by doing the area's Una task quest every single day. This daily quest will need you to return the picnic baskets to the chef. These picnic baskets are rewarded for taking part in the hourly number of co-op quests. There are 3 different quests, and you'll receive 5 picnic baskets for every one you complete. When you get further within the quest, you have to return 15 of those baskets. Each time you finish a quest about this island, you will get 10 towards your Una's reputation.

It is recommended that you're a combat level 50 by having an item level 600 before taking part in this island's events. To reach level 600, you should use the Lost Ark Harmony Shards. To do this you have to complete the North Vern quest line or visit Shushire and perform the entire main quest line.

The great news is that you can take part in these quests many times a day without any limit. If you have a while, you can farm these baskets after which return them all the next time it's available. The daily quest itself you can only do once daily so as a whole, this can take you 20 days to accomplish. To save yourself time, whether or not the quest says it's 5 picnic baskets, this might not seem like much, however, it adds up quickly. Farming the big event won't result in the 20 days passing faster, however, it'll assist you to prepare, so you can just get the area soul when it is time.

You can access Una's task menu by hitting Alt + J to determine which tasks you have to complete. If you complete tier one you will get 20,000 silver, tier two 30,000 silver, and tier 3 you'll receive 51,000 silver. One co-op event is known as The Secret from the Sweet Beer. For this, you have to hit the dough that appears. If your attacks move you backward, stand within the middle of the circle and also the dough will spawn along with you, preventing you from moving, so you can just continuously attack. The reward with this event is 300 life shards, 5 picnic baskets, and 70 XP, contributing to 531 silver. For the main quest, you have to go around the area to collect shrimp and baskets for chef Fran.

Island Token Rewards

Throughout the islands, you'll find over 90 island tokens. As a result, you'll have 19 island token rewards to select from. Each reward increases in price in increments of 5, the most abundant in expensive being worth 95 tokens.

Greater Stat Increase Potion - 5 Island Tokens

Emote: Threaten - 10 Island Tokens

Uncommon Wooden Compass - 15 Island Tokens

Greater Skill Point Potion - 20 Island Tokens

Mount: Golden Moss Turtle - 25 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #3 - 30 Island Tokens

Emote: Wave Dance - 35 Island Tokens

Luminous Aquamarine (compass upgrade) - 40 Island Tokens

Gienah's Protection (increases rapport) - 45 Island Tokens

Protections (skill rune) - 50 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #22 - 55 Island Tokens

Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell) - 60 Island Tokens

Oceanic Aquamarine - 65 Island Tokens

Structure: Statue from the Goddess Harmony - 70 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #38 - 75 Island Tokens

Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle - 80 Island Tokens

Secret Map (Adventure: Ice Statue of Woman) - 85 Island Tokens

Tidal Aquamarine - 90 Island Tokens

Procyon Statue - 95 Island Tokens

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