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Genshin Impact officially reveals the 3 four-star characters which will accompany Ayaka and Shenhe around the upcoming Limited Character Banner.

Genshin Impact has officially revealed the 3 four-star characters which will arrive in the 2nd banner cycle from the ongoing update 3.6. The recently held Special Program live stream event already confirmed that the 2nd part of the next update will feature two Cryo characters, Kamisato Ayaka and Shenhe.

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This double banner will even feature the brand new four-star character named Mika that has been confirmed as a new Cryo polearm user. Genshin Impact players who wish to acquire Dehya, who's the only real new five-star character in 3.6, possess a couple of days to do this as her double banner is scheduled to expire around March 20.

Genshin Impact updates always include two banner cycles because both versions contain a couple of five-star characters and three four-stars. These banners usually continue for 3 weeks before a brand-new set of limited characters arrives. Players who miss the chance to pull for any desired limited five-star character in Genshin Impact will need to wait two months for their re-runs. The game's official Twitter account has finally revealed 5 playable units which will be available around the Limited Character Banner in the 2nd part of the update. According to the post, the banner will offer you the following characters:

Kamisato Ayaka - five-star Cryo sword user

Shenhe - five-star Cryo polearm user

Sucrose - four-star Anemo catalyst user

Diona - four-star Cryo bow user

Mika - four-star Cryo polearm user

Multiple comments have noticed that this will be the only real Limited Character Banner within the game's history to feature four characters that have the same element with Sucrose being the only real exception. The new four-star character Mika will be a brand new support who can deal damage together with his unique crossbow and supply decent healing by utilizing his Skyfeather Song.

Kamisato Ayaka is recognized as an S-tier DPS in Genshin Impact having a strong concentration on dealing elemental damage. This makes the Mistspliter Reforged a must-have weapon with this Inazuma character. To make Ayaka even stronger, players should pair her with a minimum of one additional Cryo user to trigger the Elemental Resonance that boosts the party's Crit Rate by 15% against targets that are affected by Frozen.

Frozen and Melt are some of the two best elemental reactions in Genshin Impact parties that possess a Cryo DPS. Ayaka has great synergy with the 2nd five-star character around the banner, Shenhe, whose kit involves having as numerous Cryo users in her team as you possibly can.

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