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Hundreds of achievements are offered to travelers in Genshin Impact, from exploration to quest achievements. Some of these, however, are hidden from your achievements page, which makes it difficult to complete them.

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One is likely to be the Before My Time Achievement, which could require you to explore abandoned buildings over the Great Red Sand region of Sumeru. Since there is much ground to hide here, we're going to lead you to where you need to go.

To get the Before My Time Achievement, you need to make your way into the little abandoned city of Dar al-Shifa, shown above. Start with the Teleport Waypoint northwest inside the Land of Lower Setekh. Once you arrive in Dar al-Shifa, go to the very back of the town where you'll spot a big building.

Head inside here, and turn right. There will be a compact table close to a hole inside the ground. In order to available the drawer, you will need to find an Ancient Key. You'll find this item in the area hidden beneath the building, which you'll reach by dropping over the hole close to the table.

Go forward, and after that turn left. There will be another hallway around the right you will need to follow, after which take another right down a compact staircase. In this room, you'll spot a little, glowing spot on the ground near to a few trees and mushrooms. Approach this, you'll also find found your Ancient Key to unlock the drawer.

With the main element in hand, help make your way back to the place you came from or move the ladder. Open the drawer using the main element, that you'll find a lot of hospital books with medical records and financial statements. Based on the records found on the documents, you may be able to find some underground ruins nearby that will connect you with another hidden achievement.

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Before My Time Rewards

Once you complete the Before My Time Achievement, it is possible to get your rewards within the Achievements page. Go to your settings, and available Achievements as well as the first category, 'Wonders on the World'. You'll be able to take advantage of your achievement here, which may provide you with 5 Primogems. Though this can not feel like a lot, this achievement is simply the stepping stone completely to another in Sumeru that will reward you that has a higher quantity of Primogems, and you should also unlock more details about the abandoned hospital and it is past.

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