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Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC is en route! What would be the best Elden Ring DLC starter builds to operate with? What builds perhaps you have prepped for DLC Elden Ring? In this guide, we'll highlight some builds that you desire to check out, including arcane, intelligence, and faith-based builds. At the same time, we’ll be going within the spells, stats, and gear setups for the top Elden Ring DLC starter build.

Best Elden Ring DLC Builds To Use (2023) - 3 Fun Builds For Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree

Are you fed up with choosing bosses with rivers of blood, does Comet Azure result in the game boring that you should play? Do you want to test a really strong yet engaging build for the character in Elden Ring? If the response is yes, then you're at the right place! With the DLC for Elden Ring coming, many players will be coming back to revisit his masterpiece so if you feel one of those players then the post is perfect for you and for those who play Elden Ring often. Without further ado, let’s reach these 3 fun builds for Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree!

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#1 Best Elden Ring DLC Build - Pyromancer Build PvP/Fire Lord Build

The Pyromancer build is much fun, this build may be the go-to approach to choosing Millennia, but it will have some of the very damaging incantations within the entire game. The main damage source with this build will probably be catch flame, but this kind of entry-level spell is amazing, it deals a lot of damage even late game.

The stats spread for any level 138 character which may consider the baseline level that most people finish the sport with and maybe the latest level that can be used in PvP for level 125 invasions. The passive damage tool will probably be the Flame from the Fell God Incantation which you'll cast at the start of the fight, and also the ball of fire will slowly drift towards an enemy and explode an effect. This can be chained along with Giantsflame Take Thee, the incantation for any massive burst of harm. The final tool looks like this build has access to this Burn, O Flame, an amazing tool that you can use if you are in a cheeky mood so if you feel having trouble having a certain boss. Melania and then any boss that does not do attacks that are directed to the floor gets melted by it. So as for that talismans, Faithful’s Canvas and Flock’s Canvas talismans give a general 12% damage increase for those incantations. The Fire Scorpion charm provides a 12% damage increase for fire-based attacks. And finally Godfrey Icon talisman for that +15% damage for charged spells. For the tear setup, Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear and also the Faith-Knot Crystal Tear. To cast incantations, while using Erdtree Seal and within the offhand, while using Giantsflame Seal for any passive boost to all from the Giant's Flame incantations.

Stats for Pyromancer Build Lvl 138 PvP

- Vigor: 50

- Mind: 34

- Endurance: 23

- Strength: 10

- Dexterity: 10

- Intelligence: 70

- Faith: 10

- Arcane: 10

Best Gears for Pyromancer Build Elden Ring DLC

- Weapons: Erdtree Seal, Giant’s Seal

- Gloves: Beast Champion Gauntlets

- Armor: Tree Sentinel Armor

- Helmet: Royal Knight Helm


- Flame from the Fell God

- Giantsflame Take Thee

- Burn, O Flame


- Faithful’s Canvas Talisman

- Flock’s Canvas Talisman

- Fire Scorpion Charm

- Godfrey Icon talisman

#2 Most Fun Elden Ring DLC Build to Use - Carian Spellblade

This build involves summoning swords of types. A spellcaster who focuses on summoning swords is a very fun build. The most damaging tool this build has access to may be the Carrion Grandeur Ash of War. When fully charged, it will mental amounts of harm to both health insurance and poise, providing you with an opportunity to stance-break a boss after three hits. To take it one step further, also utilize a magic Misericorde dagger which deals extra damage when reposting an enemy. For a passive source of harm, using Glintblade Phalanx Ash of War also prevents bosses from regaining their poise. Another great tool to use may be the Carian Slicer, this thing deals moderate amounts of harm but can be cast quickly, letting you melt bosses. Carian Piercer is a superb all-around tool to make use of for PVP, it has its moments in PVE, specifically against Invaders whom you can pretty much stand lock with this particular thing. And last is Adula’s Moonblade, which will greatly damage also it builds up Frostbite with each hit with each projectile it launches.

For the armor, while using Spellblade armor from the corpse of Sorcerer Roger within the Roundtable hole, each bit of armor provides a +2% to sorceries with a general 8% boost for this builds damage output. As for the talismans, rocking the Graven-Mass and School talismans which give a general 12 boost to sorceries, the special moment scorpion charm for an additional 12% damage increase with sorceries. And to counteract the gloomy effects from the Magic Scorpion Charm, also while using Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman for any 17% damage negation bonus.

Stats for Carian Spellblade Build Elden Ring DLC

- Vigor: 58

- Mind: 27

- Endurance: 10

- Strength: 10

- Dexterity: 12

- Intelligence: 80

- Faith: 10

- Arcane: 10


- Weapon: Carian Regal Scepter

- Boots: Spellblade’s Trousers

- Armor: Spellblade’s Traveling Attire

- Gloves: Spellblade’s Gloves

- Head: Spellblade’s Pointed Hat


- Carian Slicer

- adult's Moonblade

- Carian Piercer


- Graven-School Talisman

- Graven-Mass Talisman

- Magic Scorpion Charm

- Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

#3 Best Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC Build - Eochaid's Blade

This is among those builds that pack a significant punch and it is one of the very damaging builds that exist within the game. The Ash of War shreds for enemies and overall this weapon itself deals a decent amount of harm and has a great moveset sharing it with most of the other great swords. The main stats must be going to be arcane and strength, along with other stats being your decision to decide. Wearing a significant heavy armor set, but when you want you could choose something lighter and allocate the endurance points elsewhere. The talismans used with this build would be the Winged Sword Insignia, Millicent’s Prosthesis provides us the same buff, but additionally adds 5% extra levels into the dexterity on a double of this, which will help with obtaining the stat requirements for that weapon. The third talisman may be the Shard of Alexander which provides a 15% boost to any or all ashes of war without any downside. And the fourth talisman is the Godfrey Icon talisman which provides yet another 15% boost towards the Ash of War, but only when it is fully charged. It also gives this boost to completely charged sorceries and incantations which we're not using.

Best Stats for Eochaid's Dancing Blade Build

- Vigor: 50

- Mind: 11

- Endurance: 25

- Strength: 56

- Dexterity: 10

- Intelligence: 10

- Faith: 15

- Arcane: 40

Best Elden Ring DLC Build Gears

- Weapon: Marais Executioner's Sword

- Helm: Radahn’s Redmane Helm

- Armor: Maliketh’s Armor

- Gloves: Maliketh’s Gauntlets

- Boots: Maliketh’s Greaves


- Winged Sword Insignia

- Millicent’s Prosthesis

- Shard of Alexander

- Godfrey Icon


- Golden Vow

- Flame, Grant Me Strength

Here are some of the builds players have prepped for that upcoming Shadow from the Erdtree DLC, shared with a Reddit user:

- Assassin SL 205 approximately, NG+2: Morgott's Greatsword, Reduvia, Black Bow, Coil Shield, Sleeping Arrows, Darkness, Frenzied Flame Incantations, Silent Approach. Zindril usually would rather play with reduviid and sleeping arrows/assassinations with this particular build. Sometimes use Morgott's Greatsword when an enemy is simpler to fight with a few staggers tho. Haven't tried arcane weapons given that they fixed arcane scaling in it back within the first or second balance patch, so getting excited about that.

- Sorcerer/Spellblade SL 145, NG: Moonlight greatsword, saint tryna's sword dual wield, rennala's staff, full moon/meteor/Carian spell blade sorceries. For this build, use moonlight greatsword for stagger or frost, as the saint tries swords when fighting larger monsters that you could put to rest. It is just one of Zindril's favorite things with this particular build to place big enemies to rest, drink endless mana flasks, and blast all of them with astel's meteorite spell.

- Incantation/Melee SL 95, NG: Marika's Hammer, Incant seal, rocking a Radagon build with fundamentalist incantations. One of the harder builds the consumer played to date since many enemies resist holy very well.

However, some players think there will probably be an entirely new character for DLC simply because they suspect the DLC will probably be an overhaul of the overworld combined with the introduction from the spirit world.

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