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by on December 16, 2021

 Entrepreneurs who have already entered into the Business World are bringing in Innovative, Preeminent Services for people. As far as the Advancement of the Gojek Clone App goes, many Features have been introduced by Smart Developers. Some Key Services that new Business Owners invest in are: 

  • Taxi Ride
  • Moto Ride
  • Car Rental 
  • Moto Rentals 
  • Parcel/Food/Pharmacy Delivery 
  • Car Wash Services 
  • Delivery Genie
  • Delivery Runner
  • Appointment with a Doctor 

These are just a handful of Services that you can offer on the App. However, to sell these Services in huge numbers, stardust them with some alluring Features.

A-1 Gojek Clone App Features to Advance your Business 

Restricting Taxi Drivers to Mark “Arrived” Even Before They Actually Do 

This feature is specifically meant to restrict the fraudulent activities that Taxi Drivers do. Many Taxi Drivers confirm their Arrival by marking them as “Arrived” on the App even though they are miles away from the Rider’s Pick-up Location. Because of this, the Extra Waiting Charge for the Rider increases per minute, even when they are standing at the exact Pick-up Location. 

Well, at the end of the Trip, the Rider in compulsion has to pay the total bill added with the ‘false’ extra waiting charge. 

Quick Service Search 

As normal Online Shoppers, we tend to scroll through the App or Website to search for our desired Service. It takes up much time, and in the end, Users get frustrated and ultimately close the App or leave the Website immediately. Google says that about 53% of the Mobile Users abandon the site with improper functions. So, according to this statistic, your Business will see a steep downfall in User Retention and Sales. 

Therefore, the Powerful Gojek like App incorporates a feature that allows Users to search a Service just by entering a Relevant Keyword in the Search Panel of the App/Website. This way, the Users can quickly Book and enjoy the Service(s) they want.

Voice Note Instruction for the Delivery Drivers 

With some powerful features like Voice Note Instructions, Users can Record and Upload all the delivery information and instruction on the App with just a Single Tap. These Voice Notes make it easy for the Delivery Driver to understand what the customer is asking for. As the customer, you can explain them: 

  • How to reach your Location
  • How to get the Parcel packed
  • Where to drop-off the Delivery
  • Where to Park the vehicle without violating the Rules

Besides easing out the ‘Explanation’ part of the Delivery, this feature aids in providing Contactless Delivery amid the Covid-19 dangers and diligently prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. 

Easy Live Tracking Of Trips/Orders/Deliveries With Graphical Status in In-App Notification 

This Gojek Clone App feature Graphically notifies the Users with In-App Notification about their Trip Started, Food On Way, Trip Ended, etc. The Graphical Illustrations differ depending on the different Services like Moto/Taxi Ride, Parcel Delivery, Restaurant/Store Orders, and many more. 

This Live Tracking with the help of Graphical Illustrations makes it easy to know where your parcel is, how much time it will take to Arrive, or successful Payment of your Order.

OTP Verification to Start a Service

The OTP Verification is a mandatory step for the Service Providers. Once they get this 4-digit number on their registered Phone Number or Email Address, only then they can start a service. Similarly, even the App users get this numerical OTP or One-Time-Password after Booking Services like Taxi Ride. Digital platforms are safe, but this feature adds on an extra layer of security Also, this simple process encourages a transparent delivery. 

The OTP Verification feature can be induced in numerous services like On-Demand Food Delivery, Parcel Delivery, Appointment for Spa of Beautician Services, Car Wash Service, etc. 

These features surely help your Business Soar, but there is also an absolutely interesting factor that can Advance your Business in the shortest span of time - the pretty exclusive Business Revenue Models. 

Subscription Plans 

The App Owner can instead choose Subscription Plans as a Revenue Model to make Profits. Under this plan, the Service Provider registered with the On Demand Multi Service App has to make only a One-Time Payment to buy a suitable Subscription Plan. These Plans are curated by the App Owner. The Service Provider can buy the plan depending on their need and budget. 

However, these plans come with an expiration date. The App Owner starts sending notifications about Plan Renewal to the Service Providers well before the actual expiration date. In case, the Plan expires, the Service Provider will no longer be able to receive or accept Bookings from the Customers. 

Hence, with this Business Model, they can bid a happy goodbye to pay Commission to the App Owner for every Single Service rendered. 

Commission-Based Model 

Commission-based Business Model is again ideal for Service Providers who face a Cash-Crunch to make a One-Time Payment for Subscription Plans. Under this model, the App Owner earns a set Commission Rate each time the Service gets rendered through the App. 

For instance, the App Owner of Gojek Clone sets a Commission Rate of 10% on Mobile Car Wash and Detailing. So, each time the Car Wash Service Provider top-off this Service, they are liable to pay 10% of the total bill to the App Owner.  


Do these Features, Services, and Business Models fascinate you? Do you wish to be the next Successful Entrepreneur of 2022? Then make your aspirations come true by launching your own Powerful Gojek Clone App with us. We ethically handles the job, delivers Mature or Bug-Free Apps that are Optimized for every Smartphone and iWatch in the shortest time possible.  


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