by on November 21, 2021

Fans can now vote which QB gets the ratings boost. Madden 22’s ratings continue to change throughout the NFL season. Powerful players can often exert surprising power in the game, so many players want to use Madden 22 Coins to get some high-rated players, but now fan voting will affect these changes for the first time this year.

The weekly Madden 22roster update rarely considers the opinions of fans, but now fan voting will affect the rating changes of some players. EA Sports has teamed up with Bleacher Report to hold a fan vote to determine whether Cam Newton (71 OVR), Jalen Hurts (72 OVR) or Trevor Siemian (61 OVR) are worthy of a higher rating in Madden 22. Many players also want to Buy Madden 22 Coins to get them.

Even at the beginning of the polls, a rational leader appeared, because after the first 8,000 votes were cast, Jalen Hurts took the lead with 46.4% of the votes. As the total number of votes climbed shortly after the announcement, Hurts’ lead rose only a little, while Cam Newton settled in third with about 33% of the vote, and Trevor Siemian hovered near the bottom with about 20% of the vote. This is the hard work of their fans. Players also want to prepare some MUT 22 Coins to let them win for themselves in the game.

Although it is easy to see the ratings of the three of them change in the next few weeks, which may change because of the results of their games, only one person will take a step ahead because of public demand. If their fans work hard enough, then this may reverse the situation. However, if players want to become more powerful in the game, they need to prepare enough Madden 22 Coins.

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