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An individual can generate funding for his/her project through crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capitalists, bank loans, and small business administration loans.


There are pros and cons associated with these mediums as each method is unique and different. But ICOs are viewed as a quick way to attract funding by the new-age entrepreneurs.


In this blog, we will talk about the ICOs, their development, and their significance in capital funding for a venture.


ICOs and their significance in funding projects


An ICO is a fundraising technique used by entrepreneurs or companies wanting to generate funds for their projects.


As mentioned above, one can get funding for his/her project from many channels, but it always seems to be a tedious process since it involves more time and extensive paperwork. In this case, ICOs prove to be the easiest option one can opt for when a fund is required. There are many ICO development services available around us now.


The reason why ICOs opted for project funding


  • Speedy
  • Execution made easy
  • Global 


Execution made easy


Traditional fundraising methods are tedious as the investors or business enthusiasts need financial and marketing insights from the recipients.


ICOs are simple and have low fundraising benchmark standards attracting more funds easily.




Unlike traditional VC funding, entrepreneurs can attract investors across the globe through ICOs.




Most of the ICO campaigns go for thirty days and nearly all entrepreneurs get funding in this time. It proves the fact that the time frame to generate funds is relatively short when compared to that of VC funding.


What do we do


After looking at these benefits of ICOs, when one decides to go for it, then we come into play.


Going for an ICO launch? You docked at the right place. An ICO development company like us can provide unrivaled end-to-end solutions that can increase the possibilities of your project receiving funds.


Blockchain Firm delivers ICO development services to make crowdfunding more successful. We have the best-in-class industry experience, allowing us to deliver a stable and distinctive ICO platform.


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