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What Is the Harvard Format?

Are you planning to write a research paper? Are you wondering what is the Harvard format? The Harvard academic style has a lot of similarities with other structuring styles like:


  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago


The contrast between the formats allows one to make a clear message on the research contents. The research paper is more vocal since the writer wants to sound authoritative. The research papers should be precise and have the right-hand side of the research. The title page also needs to be informative.

In case your professor has not assigned you a specific style for the research paper, you can use the Harvard design. Themedea is often confused with an abstract, and the title page is used to state the topics to write my paper for me.

How are the Harvard Formats Used?

The Harvard style of formatting is common in sciences and social science, but many universities have their own rules. The rules for using the Harvard format include:


  1. Justify the questions on the research paper
  2. Use clear font, commonly Times New Roman
  3. Active voice, bold, and lowercase letters
  4. Header and subheadings
  5. Indented sections


An effective method to solve the problem of indenting text in Harvard format is by using brackets and brackets. Remember to raise the level of your texts by using commas and semi-colons. The header contains the details of the research paper. All the headings, cited, and sources should be in bold. In case the paragraph is longer, it should have quotes, whereas quoted texts should have neither. Headings are important in determining the relevance of a research question. In case the research is shorter, it should have subsections and subsections. The subsections are essential in helping the reader understand the topic. Double-spacing is recommended for easy readability. Follow the link to see more useful info.

How to Effectively Write Your Research Paper in Harvard Format.

Before submitting the paper, ensure the format is as follows:


  1. APA
  2. MLA
  3. Chicago


The format applied in different disciplines is documented in Harvard. The Harvard format has existed for some seventy years, and it is common to find them in journals and books. The current version is being tested for academic purposes. The format was compiled in collaboration with the Harvard Writing Service from 2016-2019.


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