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The Pokemon Sword and Shield's on Nintendo Switch along with the Crown Tundra DLC  introduces players to Dynamax Adventures, whole new gameplay allowing players to obtain Legendary Pokemon that spans various generations along with creatures they encounter. But in the conclusion, there is always a Legendary.

However, there's an interesting twist, that's, players are only able to choose one Pokemon and keep after the outing. This was an extremely difficult decision for Reddit user axel2ax, who was simply forced to select from the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh and Shiny Sealeo!

In the end, axel2ax is going to be the right decision! Ho-oh stands out as the legendary Pokemon, but it really will be available again, which offers players another chance to add it to their collection down the road. In contrast, Shiny Sealeo is difficult to reappear in the foreseeable future. Buy Shiny Pokemon on PKMBuy, they will add lots of real charm to your player's team or lineup.

The addition of Dynamax Adventures has long been one of the most exciting aspects of the Sword and Shield expansion pass. How the player chooses to navigate the Pokemon Dens in Crown Tundra involves many strategies.

Although most players in Dynamax Adventures aim to use legendary characters, like Ho-oh, axel2ax's Discovery of Sealeo highlights another rare Pokémon that can be obtained from it. It may be a little bit disappointing to become only able to pick one of two Pokemon, but nothing on this series is a lot more exciting than finding a critical Shiny Pokemon. The new Sealeo seems to be worth the choice! 

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