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by on January 24, 2021

Be it at the start, in the middle, or chasing the end of the season, we all reach a point as solo queue players where we question our methods and how we might go about upping our game to reach our ranked goals. So, today I’m going to be breaking down some strategies and mindsets to climbing the ranked ladder that anyone can utilize to see immediate impact on their position. Without any further ado, here are the best Solo Queue Climbing Methods.

Play in Sets

Often times people play match after match, completely focusing on winning, also called “being in the zone”.

Now, that does have its advantages as you will likely not be distracted and perform as good as you can to win, the downside of playing multiple hours can be severe. That is exactly why I recommend playing in sets, meaning either a best of three or, if you have a lot of free time, a best of five. If you manage to win your set, that is great and you can keep going. If not, though, you should definitely consider taking a break from League of Legends for a short time.

Taking a Break

Playing games for hours in a row is exhausting because it is mentally and physically demanding. Know when you’re not playing your best and take a break. This means get up and go get some fresh air outside. You’ll know when you need a break because you won't be playing your best and you’ll be losing more often than winning. Losing can set you further back than taking a break because you’ll have to gain the LP back that you lost. The game can be frustrating sometimes, and you’ll want to rage queue but think of how better you’ll play once you take a break. It is hard to learn from what you're doing wrong in your games if you don't take any breaks. This doesn't give you anytime to think back on your plays and what you should improve on.


Now that you have gotten the role you signed up for, don’t forget to pick a champion you actually play and have mastered! Just because you’ve played Middle lane against a Fizz and got crushed doesn’t mean you know how to play him now. Instead pick the champion you have the highest win rate on and that you’re comfortable with. This means you know their kit well and have the confidence to beat your opponent. It’s okay to be a one trick if your goal is to climb in rank.

If you do end up losing more as you climb to a higher rank, learn from what you did wrong against the opponent instead of instantly queueing up for the next one. It is important when you're losing against a certain champion to ask yourself, "Do I know what this Champion's abilities do?". Learning a champion's abilities helps you know when you should engage in a fight or when you should back off. Also, it'll help you know when to use your abilities as well and make trading with the enemy a lot easier.

Keep in mind, learning new champions is important every now and then because the Meta is always changing and there are always new Champions being released. As of January 2020 there are 148 champions in League of Legends and Riot seems to be releasing a new champion more often than ever. That means there are a lot of different abilities to know about, it's never fun laning against a champion you're completely clueless about. If you already don't know what certain champions do and you see them regularly in games, just take a minute and read up on them to get a general idea of what they do. Start learning new champions in non-ranked games so you don’t have to worry about losing any LP.

Lastly, pay attention in Champion Select because it is important to know what your teammates are picking. For example, Middle is going Orianna, Jungle is going Elise, Support is going Brand and ADC is going Corki, what does this mean? It means your team is pretty AP heavy and you’ll want to pick an AD Top so the enemy team can’t counter your team as hard by building Magic Resist. A lot of teams make the mistake of going AP or AD heavy, which means you should try to win the game early or you'll fall off late games. It is way easier for an enemy team to build against an all AP or all AD team because they don't have to build for both AP and AD carries, which means they can spend their gold elsewhere.

Watch your vods

After losing a ranked game people often tend to either queue up for the next round, quit completely or play something else to forget about the saddening tragedy. Rarely, though, we watch what we have done wrong to actually fix these mistakes.

Of course, we can blame our jungler for not ganking or the ADC for feeding but eventually, nothing will result out of it. Do you want to climb? Play better than your elo and start fixing your own errors.

Dodge when necessary

Entering a lobby we obviously take a look at which role we were given and chose our champion to play with. Seldom, players scout their teammates checking whether or not they are auto-filled or if they are on a losing streak. These features can be critical during the game as certainly we do not want our auto-filled AD Twisted fate to feed the enemy Yasuo. When things are looking too tough and you frankly feel like this game will not go in the right direction for you, dodge the suffering.

We've gone ahead and discussed some easy to learn champions that will help you Climbing Solo Queue. We hope you enjoyed this guide to Climbing Solo Queue or beginners. id you find a League of Legends champion that fits your play style or want a safe shop to Sell League of Legends Account or Buy LoL Account , click https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts

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