crypto-city.Org game is a ponzi scam site
New Age Bank is another scam popping up and is probably propagated by the same people.
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crypto-city.Org game is a ponzi scam site
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Jendo Skii
I was scammed by this site. Bought a so-called map for 0.01btc and invested another 0.01btc with an assurance of 0.03btc as ROI in 15 days but never saw any btc in my balance after that.
Francio Valentin
what happen whit my deposit in
Godwin Delali Adadzie
I lost over 1000 USD worth of Bitcoins in that Ponzi/scam website and lost another money in their other website called BTC-Flash. I am sure they have set up new scam sites to dupe more people elsewhere.
David DeSantis
Why does anyone think you can make money for nothing? Doubling your money in short periods does not happen unless you are personally investing and are lucky. If you are expecting to double your bitcoin on some site, you are most likely going to be dissapointed.
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