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By: on November 9, 2021
What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing is a part of digital marketing. With the help of social media, we promote our products, services, and lifestyle(brand) through this social platform. Like instagram, face book, twitter, snapchat, tiktok and linkdln. These Social plateform remove distance customers to the company. Simple words if user or customer have any query relate service easily communicate with the local language to the admin. Million audiences on social media ...
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By: on October 23, 2021
I love English grammar, do you love it?  Today, the topic is on poetic devices, poetic devices and literacy devices are the same having the same meaning, also a part of the figure of speech. So let's talk about your childhood songs, you know it is like a poem having different meanings, styles, tones, structures, etc.   If you have a mindset to become a poet so this blog for you, In this place, I will provide you hundreds and hundreds of poetic devices tricks, so in this micro-blog, I will ...
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By: on October 13, 2021
1. Definition of Language Techniques  Writers put some elements in essay or paper writing is called Language Techniques. 2. Ten language Techniques ...
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