By: on May 11, 2022
  The much anticipated Element (HYP) Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet. Yep it's finally here. ...
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By: on March 22, 2022
Element (HYP) is now listed and trading on the CRATEX Exchange. The Power of You Download wallet: ...
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By: on March 16, 2022
Use your wallet's ability to cryptographically sign a message proving ownership of a specific address. For QT Wallets: ...
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By: on February 22, 2022
Element (HYP) is now listed on Xeggex Exchange. Download the wallet here: Trade it here:
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By: on December 25, 2021
Wishing everyone a happy holidays from the Element (HYP) cryptocurrency team. Element (HYP) info:
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By: on December 6, 2021
Seems people are starting to get wind of the Hyperstke rebrand. The team have not finished all compnents of the Hyperstake to Element (HYP) launch yet, but it's almost there.  Saying that we are very excited is ununderstatement. The team has put in a crazy amount of work to get to this stage and looks like people are paying attention and  activities are picking up and as of this post it's up 100%. Element (HYP) info:
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