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“The plain truth is… we are in the middle of QE4 right now” – Grant Williams during WTF: What the Fed. The Federal Reserve looks to be pumping a healthy patient of full of drugs…
Something is not adding up.
And Mike Maloney agrees…
He recently recorded a free event dedicated exclusively to the topic of the Fed’s recent actions... to help you understand what it’s doing and what it means to your wallet.
It’s called, “WTF: What the Fed.”
And it’s hosted by our good friends Peak Prosperity Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart.
They are joined on the event by acclaimed economists and sought-after speakers Grant Williams and Charles Hugh Smith.
This event is completely free and during its 90 minutes, you will learn:
The direct link between Federal Reserve policy and election outcomes
The truth about today’s economy – and where it’s headed from here
How the Fed’s grave errors have made life harder for regular Americans
The #1 mistake most people are making with their investments now
How the panel is allocating their portfolios for the months and years ahead
Watch WTF: The Fed now to hear all this and more candor from like-minded thinkers.


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