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on March 14, 2019
.How to use stop limit function on DeltaExchange?
Delta Exchange is an easiest way to buy , cell and store currencies.
With a simple onboarding process and fast customer support, you can easily start trading with us right away.
• To avoid unnecessary losses on cryptocurrency trading, it can be a very good idea to set a Stop-Limit order on the exchange you're trading on.
What is a stop limit order?
A Stop-Limit order will let you create a certain order which will only trigger when a certain price is met.
Suppose you have recently bought a new currency and its price go up by 30% , you want to earn some profit. In this situation you can use stop limit as a order type.
Follow this steps on DeltaExchange
You need to login on Delta Exchange. Go to the login panel. After login go to the trade
1. Select stop function from order type drop down list.
2. Set stop and price and enter the amount
3. Click on buy button
Benefits of Stop Limit Function:
If you are using stop limit order you will earn more profits.
Cutting your losses
It is automatic process, no need to watch market at all time it will save your time.
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