Safe SeaFood Coin
The Home of Blockchain Tracking, Storing and Retrieving Shellfish and Seafood Harvest Tag information for The Restaurant, Hospitality and Global Aquaculture Industries. Safe SeaFood ($SSF) coin's aim is to improve the existing ways in which global aquaculture, the hospitality industry and restaurants store the harvest and shipping information contained on industry standard Shellfish and Seafood Harvest Tags by incorporating that information into the Safe SeaFood blockchain so local, state and federal regulators can track and retrieve that information in a secure, indisputable, tamper resistant, verifiable way using blockchain technology.
SafeSeaFood Coin
Buzz Coin (BUZZ)
   Current Wallet v2.1.0.0 September 2017 Official Staking Pool Website Discord Twitter
Bitcoin Nerds
Bitcoin Nerd Blog Earn free bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies   Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know Bitcoin is taking the world by storm. If you’re not in already, now is the time to act! I’ve just stumbled upon a free-to-download report that can either get you started, or help you to earn more than you’re doing today. >> Check Out The Free Report Here Inside this free report, you’ll learn how you can start earning Bitcoin and you’ll get loads of tips on how to set up an automated cryptocurrency income stream, without having to spend an arm and a leg – in fact, you can even do it at no cost at all! > Find Out More Here And there’s more… When you grab the report today, you’ll also get a bonus package of 7 WordPress plugins that will allow you to integrate Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) into your WordPress site in many different ways. You can pick up this entire package for free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go ahead and pick it up before they start charging for it! This free report shows your customers the best ways to earn Bitcoins online and how to automate most of the tasks to generate a steady income. It lists the top faucets, ways to generate free traffic to affiliate links, tips to invest cryptocurrency wisely, and loads more. It has been updated for 2017, so all links are active and accurate.
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eGulden EFL
  Electronische Gulden (EFL) - Cryptogeld van Nederland, voor Nederland     Onze Cristiaan Huygens wallet is nu beschikbaar!     Help ons op github met de ontwikkeling van de nieuwe Christiaan Huygens wallet en website!                             Speciƒicaties     Premine: 50%   Proof-of-Work: Scrypt   Totaal aantal munten: 21.000.000   Blok waardering: 25   Blok waarde halvering: 210000   Kimoto Gravity Well geïmplementeerd     Voorbeeld coin.conf   rpcuser=gebruikersnaam   rpcpassword=wachtwoord   rpcallowip=   rpcport=21015   addnode=   addnode=   addnode=   addnode=   addnode=   port=11015   gen=0   server=1         POORTEN   P2P poort: 11015   RPC poort: 21015       Premine adressen   Cold storage 1: LTxR9Afar4rwEqoe7X9ekTv8v5dnGDNCmU   Cold storage 2: LXVbsA7Yx8NUTjbFT47FZcDX8tcE7i4kEF   Cold storage 3: LUvVneuEosy3A68iZ6cbpTJavtxofjQFin   Cold storage 4: Li3G5d6fzm1yVTZFEQgMyDrxiL1jndH1p1   Cold storage 5: LUtyK93QgvsdXNYXYKwNN1nCvuv6EuVufp   Cold storage 6: LQPMW5ShBd7G2HAqB14V6gZQu5jnrgoV1b   Cold storage 7: LeYHLuMPjY6AhbUmeTgZhR1KnCYobiXEXr   Cold storage 8: LWMGFQqRdxcbDbJn5TTFNQBQx8ENUJZ9j3   Cold storage 9: LWansW5MHG8AyafPESvBWP5b8KApP2hdZ3   Cold storage 10: LYjSivPiwpAd1QsSXG2GjZs5ot88D24UrR       Hot wallet : LcWYnjpKY56rpBaB1qy2fEdsE335JBKNue (Dit adres verandert na iedere uitgaande transactie)               Download Wallet & Christiaan Huygens Broncode         Merchant API           Blockexplorer           Exchanges           Mining pools     Wij zijn altijd op zoek naar extra pools!           Vrienden van de e-Gulden     Wordt vriend van de e-Gulden en ontvang e-ƒl als bonus!         kraan eFiliaaL     Online wallet and easy buy   Contact
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