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Netcoin (NET)
If you don't know about Netcoin and its fair weight staking, you can read all about it here. 100k NET will stake every 6hrs like a beast :D
Netcoin (NET) block chain snapshot for new users that know how. And a installer for those that don't. Th...View more
how do i join?
Netcoin (NET)
Netcoin (NET)
Here we go for new users if your looking for a fast sync!! ;)
Netcoin (NET)
Newest blockchain download for anyone that's new and wants a fast sync cheers ;)
Netcoin (NET)
Come tip your friends NET on discord with Crawlie bot. We also have a few beta games being worked on such as HackNET, Slots, You can earn a few coin daily from the faucet and just have fun with the co...View more
Netcoin (NET)
netcoin forever! netheads
Sobogun Kehinde
Learning is continuous.... It's a journey with no end destination.
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