LiteDoge [LDOGE ]Fast, fun, and devotion. With a fair launch and no premine.
... very cute ... such speed ... much staking ... such fun ...
Name: LiteDoge
Ticker: LDOGE
PoW Algorithm: scrypt
PoS Algorithm: PoS 2.0
Block Time: 64 Seconds
Min age: 8 hours
Maturity: 501 blocks
TX fee: 0.10 LDOGE
Difficulty Retarget: every block
P2P Port: 17014
RPC Port: 17015
Premine: none
Max Coins: approximately 50 billion LiteDoge
Launch: March 16, 2015, 08:15:00 PM UTC
Proof of Work (PoW) rewards:
PoW ended at block 8,000
Proof of Stake (PoS) rewards:
From PoS start to 9,999: 100,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 10,000 — 19,999: 50,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 20,000 — 29,999: 25,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 30,000 — 39,999: 12,500 LiteDoge Reward
Block 40,000 — 50,999: 10,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 51,000 — 144,999: 30,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 145,000 — 189,999: 28,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 190,000 — 234,999: 26,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 235,000 — 279,999: 24,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 280,000 — 324,999: 22,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 325,000 — 369,999: 20,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 370,000 — 414,999: 18,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 415,000 — 459,999: 16,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 460,000 — 504,999: 14,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 505,000 — 549,999: 12,000 LiteDoge Reward
Block 550,000 — 594,999: 10,000 LiteDoge Reward
Hard fork at Block 595,000
Block 595,000 to 639,999: 4,000 LiteDoge
Block 640,000 to 684,999: 2,000 LiteDoge
Block 685,000 to 729,999: 1,000 LiteDoge
Block 730,000 and up: 500 LiteDoge
Hard Fork WALLET OUT! Version -
Mac Wallet:
Latest Blockchain Boostrap:!WoASkRrR!-JSIvWNvze7_YLHJduxaACxF9zXpUx2tZLw4d33_I_4 :updated to block #590,000 (from 6/13)
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Donation address for development: dGaGjb2CkCpvwDL8RD3yn89AzuG9KJjGzH
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Earn LiteDoge
You can earn LiteDoge by finding blocks
Keep your coins for at least 8 hours in your wallet and they will be eligible for staking and finding new blocks! The time needed to find a block depends on the number of coins you hold in your wallet.
IRC faucet: -Once identified by IRC freenode, chat a bit and then type .faucet or !faucet
Goto Prohashing:
Register as a new user and log in.
Take note - Prohashing is a pay per share (PPS) mining pool that mines cryptocurrencies using the scrypt algorithm - mining the most profitable coin and auto exchange for LiteDoge coins.
Click on "register" in the upper right corner of the site and choose a username and password. While you must create an account to mine, registration requires no personal information.
Setup Payout
Configure your payment settings by going to the settings tab:
o Configure payout proportions and payout addresses
o Go to Settings - Add new coin (LiteDogecoin)
o Drag bar to 100% payout
o Click Save button
o Enter LiteDoge Payout Address (get address from your wallet or donation address
o Click check box - Ignore Threshold payout
o Click Save button
Setup Miner
Point your miner toward pool
• Use the same username as you use to log into the website.
• Enter a blank password or use password arguments, which enable powerful features for controlling miners and mined coins.
e.g. litedoge.bat file:
cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u username -p 12345678 -I 16 -w 256 --thread-concurrency 32765