99% of people think private servers are a true representation of  wow classic gold what vanilla was the vanilla players believe since its been so long since they played, they could only remember they are all clogged with this advice that is stupid. To be fair I feel like 50 percent of things in private servers do not work properly, the numbers in health and harm are completely inaccurate, a few stats are off, a bunch of talents don't even work in private servers, so its only wasting your gift picks, mechanics, and some quests give different xp amounts which could influence leveling speed and etc.. There are so many issues, and people continue to be dick riding these personal servers instead of just allowing blizzard do their thing, I don't even play private servers, so I am going to be fair, all I do is go on my level 15 hunter and shit speak in barrens chat about how stupid everyone else is, and they still refused to believe me, today after blizzard confirming a number of this being inaccurate, they are most likely interested in me and the way I'm right. This movie is really exciting to me personally - for the most part these reversions into the first way will make matters more difficult. From footage I have seen it appears that things are far than I remember more of a cake walk, although I am not very experienced on pservs. A number of this is due to addons, a few to general ability and understanding, but it's cool to understand some is due to  cheap classic wow gold pservs simply being simpler and incorrect than truth.