Will flesh this out more later. I want to know more about the viability of the network first (nodes, blockexploers, community).
Feel free to suggest or guess ;)
Our sponsored block explorer is http://btb.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ which includes a node at btb.altcointech.net
The community on the other hand is scattered in the wind - there are some strong supporters who keep up with the bct thread at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=196125.0 but I think most wallet holders are miners.
Bitbar went quite a while without any dev support - like over a year - which would have killed a lot of the crypto's out there (imho)
Currently, as far as development, it is mostly catch up: adding coin control, giving the qt wallet some color, adding checking/repairing functions to the menu ....
I saw the coin went into abandonment. But the community has many knowledge-able people, 2013 old school coin.
Will wait 3-6months, to see if BTB survives (which it will) then will push on this idea.