Before knowing the “Benefits of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange with Escrow Service” you need to know the “Escrow Services” & “P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange separately”. Here is the small recap for both.
P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange:
P2P means exchanging digital assets or cryptocurrencies between 2 traders without the involvement of the third party. Most of the P2P exchanges are decentralized. 
Escrow Services:
The Bitcoin Escrow System means a mediator, That keeps the user's transaction safe. 
Benefits of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange with Escrow Service:
Escrow service is a third party role that accesses payment transactions safely in P2P exchange.
The Major Role of Escrow Service avoids fraudulent activities in DEX.
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A peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange comprises decentralized exchange platform in which two individuals alone get interacted with one another without any intermediates like third party. 

Escrow guides to remove the fraudulent activities as a trusted third party that performs the action to collect, hold and disburse funds as if satisfying both the buyer and seller making transaction.

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