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Are you planning to launch you cryptocurrency wallet into the market? If yes, expedite time-to-market for your wallet with white label solution and gain first mover advantage.

Antier Solutions is a trusted blockchain development company well-known its white label cryptocurrency wallet development. It provides a white label multi-currency wallet to accelerate the development process, thereby allowing its clients to quickly enter the crypto market and gain essential competitive edge.

Features of Antier Solutions’ turnkey wallet solutions

Leveraging its harmonious trifecta of technical prowess, rich experience and design-thinking-driven approach, Antier created its white label wallet fortified with the following market-leading features:

  • 12-word mnemonic phrase
  • Biometric authentication
  • Multi-signature support
  • QR code scanner
  • NFC support
  • Password protection
  • Automatic session logout
  • Self-explanatory interface

As a leading cryptocurrency wallet development company, Developcoins specializes in developing secure and reliable Cryptocurrency Wallet for web and mobile (Android, iOS) , for a safer management of your crypto-assets.

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Cryptocurrency wallet development in a customized manner helps one to hold on to their cryptocurrencies securely. Most of the time people prefer hardware wallet instead of software wallet since it will be devoid of crypto hacking, thus ensuring secured crypto storage. But one also needs to know that the cryptocurrency wallet either hardware/ software or any other type of wallet can be customized to increase the securities. The cryptocurrency wallet development companies help to customize it based on your requirements.