For anyone else struggling with this..

I used Fusion (Desktop) as it was the one that looked

to function close to what a normal wallet does but they have several you must first go here and get a wallet


After the chain is completely downloaded you can find the contract for Dotcoin here this site also functions as an explorer for all tokens on the platform

(Dotcoin Contract)
0x94ad7e41c1d44022c4f47cb1ba019fd1a022c536 (Dotcoin)

You will then need to go back into your wallet and add a CUSTOM token.
When you paste this hash into the window, If everything is correct the rest of the fields
will auto populate with the Dotcoin information. Be aware this platform needs gas
when you send out transactions the fees are paid in gas. This means you will not be able to
sent out Dotcoins till you have some gas to pay for the transaction.

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