Antivirus Removing Wallet Executable

  • Why? Sometimes an antivirus software will flag a wallet application as false positive. If you're getting the wallet from a trusted source, you can do the following.
  • How to, "Add Exclusion".for Windows Defender (others will follow a similar process).
    1. Disable the antivirus.
    2. Goto View security dashboard > virus and threats > exclusions > add folder (of executable).
    3. Start the wallet.
    4. Re-enable Antivirus.


No Connections

  • Why? You need to add some nodes to the HyperStake.con file in the HyperStake data directory.
  • How to Add a Node.
    1. Shutdown the wallet.
    2. In file explorer, type in "%appdata%" without the quotes.
    3. Go into the "HyperStake" directory..
    4. Create a file called "HyperStake.conf" with any text editor.
    5. Get some nodes by going here:
    6. Copy and paste the node list "addnode=..." into the file and save.
    7. Start the wallet.


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