( is the first environmentally friendly plantation in Laos that has released a token based on Ethereum (ERC20 standart),  pegged to the export price of 1 kg of bananas.

Token holder can trade 1 bco for 1 kg of lady finger bananas which we will grow or receive a compensation equal to export price of 1 kg of lady finger banana sold to china. 

We would like to create a worldwide agriculture platform, based on blockchain.  Now we are testing a mango plantation. Not just a mango though. It’s the most delicious and in demand sort of mango in Asia.

These actions are the first step on the way to a global blockchain platform, which will include not only plantations, but also a fruit trading company.

We have sold more than 6.8 million BCO tokens on TGE stage and now we start to grow bananas!

BCO is listed at exchanges:  -

White paper

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Wow wow wow! Now the best time to get BANANACOIN tokens! There is an incredible price at exchanges – 0.12 usd per token!!! We didn’t  sell our tokens too low at TGE, but some one really want to sell now (probably they believe in the dollar more than in the future of crypto currencies). If bananas will cost 3 usd per kg (how it was at December 2017) - so it will be x25 profit for 14 monthes!!! Wonferfull!

So, there are easy three steps:
1. Сhoose any exchange from this link  and sign in there
2.  Send ETH to your exchange account.
3.  Buy BCO Tokens.

Extra Easy !!!!
And we have some tips for you :
1. How to buy ETH (Ethereum) for bananacoins if you don’t have -
2. How to use KKcoin exchange to get Bananacoins – video instruction.
If you need help – feel free to contact our support on