When I was on my journey of learning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like litecoin and ethereum, I came across dogecoin. After reading all I could about this digital coin I decided to try to purchase it but didn't see many options. When looking throughout the internet I discovered faucets. Ohhh.. how great they are!! One in particular I fell in love with was They give you up to 5 Dogecoin every 15 mins and you can collect more Dogecoins when you share your referral address with your friends and family. I was like free money with extra money..this is crazy. But I put my FaucetHub wallet(required) in and went through a captcha and instantly received 5 dogecoins. I now have received a total of 500 so far and still claiming.

So if you want to get free dogecoin check out

*If your interested in litecoin they have a litecoin faucet as well.

*Need more coins check out there rotator here


Interested. I'll try.

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