Hyperstake (HYP)

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FREE HYP coins for new Crypto-city Citizens Starting 4/13/2017 Until Further Notice.


Why are you giving away coins?

  • The purpose of the coin give-away is to introduce crypto currency to anyone that are not already familiar with cryptos.


What is Crypto?

How do I get HYP?

You can download the wallet from here (Windows/Mac)  



Where can  I Buy, Sell or Trade HYP?

  • If you want to buy, sell or trade HYP you can do it at an exchange. Most of  volume is on Cryptopia.co.nz.


I have my HYP wallet installed. Now what?

  • Make  sure the wallet is connected and all synced up to the Hyperstake network (this may take a while).


I'm all connected and synced

  • Now goto the "receive" section of the wallet and copy the receive address of the HYP wallet and post it below in this thread.  Also, be sure to invite some friends.  :thumbsup:
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Congratulation! You now own100 HYP Crypto currency coins. Be sure to like the HYP page.  transaction ID: 9d908c1bdc260083d6778fe44babfa9607cd46c2bb9536223188f09f68674a35