RateCoin (XRA) is designed for long term oriented minters. XRA uses Proof of Stake to secure its blockchain and is designed with long term sustainability as its primary focus. Stake rewards are generous enough to encourage holding and minting of the currency, but are low enough that inflation problems should not emerge. RateCoin gives incentive to long term holders to take coins away from exchanges and stake them long term, in theory this should create an upwards pressure on the exchange rate between XRA and BTC or other currencies.
XRA is also designed to scale long term. Small time intervals between blocks creates blockchain bloat and can lead to a nearly impossible chain to sync after a year or two of operation. Large blockchains take lots of resources such as disk space and memory. RateCoin is designed with a 3 minute block target, meaning that approximately 480 blocks are added to the chain per day, 175,200 per year. Compare this to coins that have a 30 second block time that add 2,880 blocks per day, 1,051,200 blocks per year. The problem is that when a node syncs it has to scan and store every block. It is fairly easy to download the blocks, for example getting them all in a bootstrap.dat file doesn't take too long, the problem is scanning all of the blocks which can take days for certain nodes if the chain is too large. A large chain can prevent an exchange from implementing the coin and can make users hesitant to run the coin. RateCoin is designed to avoid these problems and easily scale over a long period of time.
XRA's Reward SystemHigh Rewards for Long Term Holders: XRA calculates stake rate based on the age of the input that is used in the stake transaction. The reward rate starts at 0.25% for any input that is less than one day old. If the input is over 1 day old the stake rate bumps up to 1%. For every doubling of days the stake rate moves up by 1.5 times (up to the top bracket of 25.6289% after 256 days).
Minimum rewards given to ensure the network remains competitive: If XRA only gave generous rewards to those that lock away their coins for long periods of time, the network difficulty would be very low and there would not be enough available outputs to stake to keep the blockchain moving. For this reason XRA gives a minimum reward of 100 XRA to any stake input no matter what the size. This means that if you are able to stake an input of 100 XRA, you will get a reward that doubles your input. On the other hand if your input is old and large enough it will well exceed the minimum reward and default to the normal age based rate brackets.
Ticker: XRA
Coin Type: 100% PoS (with PoW launch)
Block Header Algo: X11
Last PoW Block: 20,000
Block time: 3 minutes
Coinbase maturity: 50 blocks
PoS Minimum Age: 4 hours
Stake Rate:
(minimum reward of 100 XRA)
0-1 Days Age: 0.25%
1-2 Days Age: 1%
2-4 Days Age: 1.5%
4-8 Days Age: 2.25%
8-16 Days Age: 3.375%
16-32 Days Age: 5.0625%
32-64 Days Age: 7.5938%
64-128 Days Age: 11.3906%
128-256 Days Age: 17.0859%
256+ Days: 25.6289%
RPC Port: 35850
P2P Port: 35851
Add Nodesxra.presstab.addnodesWebsite
Coming Soon
Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi - https://github.com/RateCoinXRA/ratecoin/releases/tag/v2.0.0.4Block Chain BootstrapDownloadUsage: extract bootstrap.dat into data directory (for Windows go to "run" and type in %appdata% and find RATECoin folder), remove blkindex.dat and blk0001.dat. When you fire up your QT wallet, it will automatically detect the bootstrap and begin to work. Bootstrapping may take an hour or two depending on the machine, please be patient, the bootstrap happens from the splashscreen, and clicking on it while bootstrapping may cause it to quit. Please note that it is common for coin clients to jump out of bootstrapping at certain blocks. If you client does this, simply turn it off. Go back to your datadir and rename bootstrap.dat.old to bootstrap.dat and restart your client, it will pick up where it left off.
If you are using the daemon you will need to enter the following startup switch: ./RATECoind -loadblock=bootstrap.dat
Explorersxra.presstab.pwExchangesCryptopiaYobitSocialCommunityForumUsagePay ServicesJuly 23rd Hard ForkFork Change Log
- Hard Fork Scheduled for July 23rd 01:00 UTC
- Time Drift max @ 90 seconds
- Bump protocol version and reject outdated clients after fork
- Change target spacing to 3 minutes
- Change PoS rewards
- Max stake age to 256 days (after this stake weight will remain constant)
New reward scheme is designed to give higher reward % if you take longer to stake your output. If you stake in less than 1 day, you will get a 0.25% rate. If you stake in over 1 day less than 2 day you will receive 1%. For every doubling of days after that, you will receive 1.5 times more rate, up to 256 days for a reward of 25.6289%. There is also an added minimum reward of 100 coins. If you would like to save some of your coins for a certain amount of time, simply go to coin control and right click on the coin and select "lock" and it will prevent it from staking.
if(nAge nTimeDay * 256)
nRewardCoinYear = 25.6289 * CENT;
else if(nAge nTimeDay * 128)
nRewardCoinYear = 17.0859 * CENT;
else if(nAge nTimeDay * 64)
nRewardCoinYear = 11.3906 * CENT;
else if(nAge nTimeDay * 32)
nRewardCoinYear = 7.5938 * CENT;
else if(nAge nTimeDay * 16)
nRewardCoinYear = 5.0625 * CENT;
else if(nAge nTimeDay * 8)
nRewardCoinYear = 3.375 * CENT;
else if(nAge nTimeDay * 4)
nRewardCoinYear = 2.25 * CENT;
else if(nAge nTimeDay * 2)
nRewardCoinYear = 1.5 * CENT;
else if(nAge nTimeDay * 1)
nRewardCoinYear = 1 * CENT;
nRewardCoinYear = 0.25 * CENT;
Last update on July 12, 6:38 pm by RateCoin XRA.
Alan Rich
Congratulations on taking over Ratecoin. Glad to see it.
I recently volunteered to help the online site PoSWallet.com in their quest to get people interested in promising alternate currencies via a set of online wallets and faucets that are hosted on the PoSWallet site. I am in no way associated with PoSWallet other than as a volunteer hoping to help out a site that I enjoy.
As a volunteer, my task is to get recurring donations from altcoin developers for these faucets. Could you please spare some XRA for the PoSWallet faucet? The faucet address is RVWa4hY1RGBWGegphLLbFkghCfDBDQyPti. You can confirm this address at https://poswallet.com/faucet.php.
Any amount is GREATLY appreciated as the faucet is currently empty. The faucets on this site have about 20k claims per month, so they receive good exposure but so many claims per month means I am fighting an ongoing battle trying to keep them from running dry.
Thank you,
It would probably help if your link faucet page actually works.

Is this about rating different products and services and using a two-token system or something? One for the business being rated, one for the customer?


Does anyone have addnodes that I can connect to? I get 0 connections for my wallet, and xra.presstab.addnodes does not seem to be working.



Here you go




Awesome, that worked - thanks @Crypto-city!