Wednesday, March 18, 2020 9:16 pm - Tuesday, March 31, 2020 12:16 am

The principal problems with RS3 now is that updates are slowing down. I won't say that MTX has been increasing - it hasn't decreased in comparison. The ship for MTX has sailed - its easy enough to ignore, although you can get a whole lot of OSRS gold xp out of it. It's still a fantastic game to pick up. It has 19 years worth of attention and love put into it - I've been playing off and on for 15 of these and I have things in RuneScape game I have never done.

Like others have stated - if you do not try to compare yourself to other RuneScape players, and only enjoy the journey, it is still a game that no other mmo has ever replicated the feel of. Oh - and it's always better if you've got other RuneScape gamers to talk to. If you decide to decide on RS3 end up a nice clan (obligatory shout out to the redditors clan - info on the sidebar) and if you go to osrs, find a good friends talk to hang out in.

You must be cautioned that Jagex is acting like it had the kill switch in their hands, focusing on MTX largely and not overly much on the content, as if milking a dying game. If you do not mind RuneScape game dead in a year from now, go. As I find it more engaging, I personally like RS3. Maybe watch a couple of videos to decide which is better, I enjoyed the quests, the constant improvement, and the investigating part of RuneScape game.

The Fall of Runeacape

Even then the total amount of effort and time for anyone to fill out the event was ridiculous at a time when they are supposed to be making RuneScape game more RuneScape participant friendly and less time consuming. Which plus it had a pay wall being club. Why is it that someone who pays more for RuneScape game annual wouldn't get the capability to earn all the rewards simply because they didn't subscribe at a specific period of the year. Why is it that any content is limited to somebody who already pays membership. O n top of that is there a choice to pay to trust runescape money buying bypass the event completely.

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