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The best usage of ice kamas are the pets IMO, the resources are not that great, and  dofus kamas ilyzaelle for ice Dofus after Ice hotel you have the Ice foundry that's expensive ( frigostian breeding items) and you require It for among Nileza's Quest.yeah I had been talking about both ice hotel and foundry. It's not that pricey. They do sell slowly tho. You are able to use a few 2 ice kamas to receive 1% drop resources such as nocturnal horn or some thing similar to this when its top in cost including 25kk~~.Or purchase Items for nekochief/etc Frozen hearth and another thing is kinda nice too.

Thanks for the remarks. I'm not enjoying in this time but one of my aims has always been to collect the Dofus eggs. I've played for over a decade and I'm still yet to get anything aside from Cawwot/Crimson. I've never beat Frig 2. Mono and I also play, do you say an Enu are a fantastic class to try and overcome these quests? Enu is Very good for endgame pve, Monsters cant hit you If they dont ever reach you.

To really have a hobby is not an obligation clearly, but it is usually what people have. Personally, I have many hobbies and these are videogames. I find reductive to focus the interest. Life is so various that could be a shame. But it's only my view, I am not saying you're wrong. How many hours do you spend on Dofus? I'm asking because, despite the possible dependence that any game could provoke, games like Dofus require a lot of time if you would like to reach some goal in-game.

On Dofus with the present quantity of time that I have available, it's normally between 0 (lol) and 2 hours a day through week, also I'd say 6-8 hours during saturday and sunday. Rest of the time is spent for studies or on Netflix. My most extreme period was on WoW not on Dofus, like I've been a member of this Guild"From Scratch" for four weeks should you Heard about it. This was four months of 15 hours each day for contest purpose.If you ask anybody is it wierd to not have hobbies out of videogames, 99% of people will say yes thats very wierd and it usually means ur a hermit loser, with an antisocial stigma. So yes.. You MUST have atleast ONE other hobby outside of videogames..

Isn't that exactly what ankama do (not your last paragraph, however the remainder )? All the recent course changes would be to reinforce class identity into each class to make them feel exceptional. Not far or whether they have been successful is all up to you to judge I guess, but their aim is exactly what you're asking for. But I really wish they acted on your last paragraph. Dofus is impossible to equilibrium for pvp, infact no Pvp game can be balanced. Developers know this (or atleast they need to ) and they meta change instead of equilibrium to keep the Pvp game interesting. But while you have a Pvp game mixed with a pvm match it complicates yet one way or another and  cheap Dofus Kamas shit, any change to Pvp will hurt vise versa and pvmers. Should have experienced climbing for pvm and Pvp years for resists/gear and spells.

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