Monday, June 8, 2020 9:35 pm - Tuesday, June 30, 2020 12:35 am

How difficult is it to state what prizes are available? I should think they would WANT to attract folks to the boards. This is just like when David Thompson was showing up and Ruby Allen Iverson. Make a goddamn statement! It is not like they do not send out 6,812 tweets per day anyway.In a age where warframe and poe show being transparent to your player base and telling them about everything they do, is optimistic adverstising for prospective gamers, 2K just shuts their eyes and keep hiding stuff from us. No excuse for anything, no patch notes, no strategies for advancement. They dont even tease us with content. Our playerbase is hurt by having a monopoly on a genre. They don't have any reason to NBA 2K MT for sale drive themselves.

I agree guy the lack of transparency is shameful considering money NBA 2K requires in AFTER the sale of game and all year round. Massive update with no patch notes? They do anything they want. People gotta stop purchasing vc to actually hurt them differently this shit will keep on going. AI is still about yesterday, I got one. The one I got like a week or so ago the graphic was to get a mark price legacy pack and once I landed inside, although have not seen a Thompson for a little while Thompson popped up.

Would be awesome if they inserted a random gamers TTO mode, in which you get 3 players to get 1 game that are equally matched from the competitor's 3 players that are arbitrary. So you enjoy start NBA 2K and get Fredette, Redd and Bam, while your opponent gets Nash, Wiggins and Big Z. Go through the entire board and receive a chance at one of the 30 obtained cards at the 5 ball drop. That would be interesting. TTO boards should be also upgraded...we can't possess 1 token and 100 buckets. Gotta replace them with 300 as well as 3 tokens MT.

Before this type of TTO they had bunch and playoffs that was the fucking worse but earlier they had a three on three blacktop style where you secured in 10 gamers (1 different player is used for all ten matches ) then you and your opponents obtained two random players (from present series to the most recent promo). This is my fav game mode in almost any 2K ever. It guaranteed you really had to think to win if you had an RNG matchup. If you lost using a matchup that was bad it also took the toxic and will need to become mad out of the picture. I'd like to add that, while horrible, P and P could be fun as it manner rather than as a substitute for the three on three game mode.

So people seem to believe because the playoffs would have begun playoff sim would be tomorrow. Guess were see. I should possess Harden by Sunday or Monday by performing 1 series a night after work.I believe there are two distinct sets of individuals, individuals who think it's likely to be playoff spotlight sim, but it does not make the most sense as the playoffs would have begun on the 18th which is Saturday which would cut the team pool down to 16 instead of 30. Then there is the other set who believe it's likely to be a historical spotlight sim, which personally I think is what will happen because everyone thinks the Harden is going to be needed to acquire a GO Kobe and Kobe is a historical player not an buy NBA 2K MT active one so it simply feels like a historic spotlight makes more sense.

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